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    What should objectives be sized/look like and how much terrain to use?


    I might be blind but I have read through the new book several times and I don't see any reference to the size/look of objectives that get placed during table setup.

    I see what rules you are to use for each one, but no real descriptions.

    Also how about terrain density/type for the table? I'm used to the PPS steamroller/league documents that give you some guidelines to use. I've seen the convention demo tables, but those are usually more setup for looking cool/showcasing the basic rules.



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    Core Rules 2013 page 14: at least 25% of the table should be terrain. My way of determining if I have enough is to put everything I have into a 2 foot by 2 foot square and fill it up. Objectives are simply 50mm bases. Nothing fancy. Each player will need three objective markers.

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    extreme format in the Downloads section details the objectives...each scenario give characteristics for the objectives.

    Some have: does not block LoS, grants light cover, impassable.
    Some are just: Impassable and does not block LoS...
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