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In Bryan’s Facebook Live video last week he mentioned pulling back the curtain and filling you, the loyal and waiting Dark Age fanbase, in on what is coming over the next few months for our game. Never wanting to make a liar out of him, here is a few things to mark on your calendar (or at least make note of) to get excited about.

October sees the final official unit box releases of the Shadow Caste Dragyri as well as the first official Brood Faction Starter box! As that we are sorting out post-hurricane(s) restock orders and the like, we should also see lots of the out of stock boxes pop back up into sales-ready levels. Among these are the second printings of the 2017 Secondary Objective decks AND the 2017 Master Rules! Things have been going so well in the last year that we needed to order new cards AND books! Awesome, huh?

Additionally in October, you will see the update to the Beta Brood Rules stat cards based on YOUR feedback! Look VERY soon for the first installment of changes to keep these monsters fair and fun before their unit boxes and resculpts start to launch.


November heralds the beginning of winter for Bryan, so he has planned to get those unit boxes and resculpts of the Dragyri Ice Caste out in force this month. With CMON going to the first ever Pax Unplugged as well as these awesome beasts coming out, it should be a great month for Dark Age new and old alike.

Bryan is also planning on hosting a fun new contest via the Dark Age Facebook page in the month of November, so if you like winning free stuff and getting personal accolades from surely your favorite apocalyptic sci-fi skirmish game… stay tuned and get caught up on your narrative plots and characters!


December is always a strange time around the various CMON offices, as that there are a lot of holidays to contend with around the globe as well the one month that Dark Age always chooses NOT to have a full release of anything new. It gives everyone a chance to have some family time, play some games, and for us in the production process – get a little caught up and ready for the madness of the next year.

While we won’t be releasing anything new to the webstore, we will still be taking orders and (for you retailers out there) updating our stocks and preorder sales forms accordingly. For you, the fans and players, we have filled our social media calendar with a ton of great things to share with you. From starting the month off with a Facebook Live event, making sure you get some new video support, to getting a fun new narrative story and some stat card updates a year or so in the making – there will still be a lot to look forward to at the end of 2017.

Working Vacation

Finally, for January, we plan to kick off the new year with some really cool stuff. Cracking open the vaults and letting out the first of the Skarrd Decay Cult boxes alongside some of their much-needed Character support is a great way to start 2018. Add in some resculpted unit boxes for other factions and you have a great month to look forward to in the case of models.

Additionally, if that wasn’t enough, Bryan has a special pack of new Secondary Objective Cards that all players are going to want to get their hands on for one reason or another. With official events allowing players to doctor their decks, these cards will bring a fun new aspect to everyone’s games – and quite possibly give more reasons for players to build their forces in particular ways.

Marius Zombie 08

Well… without dipping too deeply into what is to come and spoiling all of our surprises, we hope this shows you that – while 2017 is coming rapidly to a close – we are still very much ready to keep you excited, talking, and most importantly – playing Dark Age throughout these next months!

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