Introducing the new Unit Boxes for Dark Age – Outcasts

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Over the last year, we’ve been talking with lots of people – from retailers, to hobbyists, to distributors, and all the combinations thereof – and we were able to walk away with a lot of answers to questions had. As we suspected, our incredibly large SKU count (close to 300, a SKU is the unique code given to each product) coupled with the fact 95% of our line was in blisters meant that Dark Age wasn’t at all easy to stock for distributors or retailers. Of course, the large range and blistered product gave our customers – the Dark Age faithful – the ultimate in flexibility when assembling their collections, but not being able to buy it in their local stores meant that this flexibility was somewhat inaccessible (almost entirely inaccessible in some cases).

To this end we decided to move to boxed sets, and to reduce the number of SKUs to a manageable level. Over the next few months, starting in April with Outcasts and Forsaken, we will be switching over our blisters to boxes. This will make it easier for distributors and retailers to stock and therefore more available for you all to access the cool minis! The down-side is that there won’t be quite as much flexibility, which is why we wanted to start talking about it now. If you have holes in your collections, you might want to order some of the individual or unit blisters now.

When putting together the contents of these boxes, we tried to meet the following criteria each time:

• Contains the availability for the model at 500 points (e.g. if the availability is 3/500, then there would be 3 models in the box).
• Allows us to keep the models at the same price, or lower the price. In about 50% of cases the prices are the same, about 10% the prices have risen, and in about 40% or cases, the prices have dropped.
• Contents follow the patterns generally seen when people are purchasing blisters (e.g. when people decide to buy into a particular Saint force, they typically buy one of each of the blisters for that Saint sub-faction).

DAG05007_Outcast_Command Box 2

As we mentioned earlier, the first ranges to be switched over are the Outcasts and the Forsaken. Today we’ll provide a list of the Outcast boxes, their contents, and their US prices. Tomorrow we’ll do the same with the Forsaken.

• Outcast Scavenger Faction Starter –  $60 – Warchief, Manhunter Fixer, Blades, Wasteland Warriors (3)
• Wasteland Warrior Unit Box – $20 – Wasteland Warriors (3)
• Outcast Scut Unit Box – $25 – Bully, Scuts (3)
• Outcast Brute Unit Box – $50 – Brutes (3), Brute Anchor
• Outcast Pit Fighter Unit Box – $30 – Pit Fighter (4)
• Outcast Command Box 1 – $50 – Hoj, Brute Pusher, Manhunter, Oz
• Outcast Command Box 2 – $55 – Fixer, Mongo, Warchief, Happy Hour
• Salt Flat Nomads Tribal Warrior Unit Box – $20 – Tribal Warriors (3)
• Salt Flat Nomads Thornwinds Unit Box – $25 – Thornwinds (4)
• Salt Flat Nomads Hand of War Unit Box – $15 – Hands of War (2)
• Salt Flat Nomads Herder Unit Box – $15 – Herders (3)
• Salt Flat Nomads Solo Box – $40 – Berserker, Dishonored, Caravan Keeper, Oathpourer
• Salt Flat Nomads Leadership Box – $55 – Bendahrin Durshe, Kane, Lynette & Dust Jackals, Moonless Night
• Salt Flat Nomads Dust Bull Box – $25 – Dust Bull
• Salt Flat Nomads War Beasts Box – $35 – Vrocks (2), Moloki (2)
• Chains Barrow Slavers Command Box – $30 – Coffersman, Slavemaster, Gang Boss
• Chains Barrow Slavers Chain Ganger Unit Box – $15 – Chain Gangers (3)
• Chains Barrow Slavers Unbound Unit Box – $20 – The Unbound (3)
• Chains Barrow Slavers Frenzied Unit Box – $30 – Frenzied (4)
• Chains Barrow Slavers Leadership Box – $60 – The Warden, Aja, Devon, Bonner Spyte, Hood, Finn Deadeye

And here are a sample of a few other boxes coming soon!

DAG06005_Core_Menials_Unit_Box DAG02036_Dragyri_FC_VolanicPhalanx_Box DAG07011-Kukulkani Doom Seer Box DAG01015_Forsaken_St_Luke_Faction_Box


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