New Faction Errata and Altered Dragyri Cards!

December 11, 2017 Cards  No comments

Hey everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that we have just uploaded the brand new Faction Errata and FAQ document for you to peruse and enjoy… but also we thought you might want to know a few VERY important changes we have made to some existing units within the Dragyri factions.

So, with the Dragyri stat card deck being official for more than a year now, we have received a great deal of remarks and notes about certain models and powers… and we know that a few needed some alteration.

In order to understand the changes that we have made, we’ll go ahead and let you peek behind the curtain a little bit…

Air Caste

Death’s Device of Air: After hearing again and again that the Death’s Device of Air was falling lackluster to other castes’ members of the Order, we decided to test out some new protective measures as well as a more diverse and efficient Assault Group structure.

Squall Elementals: There has been a great deal of discussion and debate over the potential power level of the Squall, and instead of increasing its point cost and hurling it into a new points bracket within the caste, it was decided instead to remove its Final Strike (an odd addition to it in the first place) and “fixing” their primary attack group by turning the old small Blast into a larger and more sensible Proximity Strike.

Whisper: Helping the Whisper reclaim its role as the mid-point nimble attacker, adding the Elusive special ability and giving more dice to their melee attack has helped it considerably.

Wind Wall Psychogenic: This psychogenic has been something discussed internally and externally again and again, and we felt it required a complete overhaul from its previous format. This new version is slightly more efficient at what it did, but now actually costs AP to activate – and could result in the occasional malfunction!

Fire Caste

Soul Warden of Fire: The fiery blast of the Warden’s ranged Assault Group now hits as hard as a Forsaken Firestorm… which only makes sense.

Sling Slave (of Fire): Adding a PW score to their attack is actually just fixing a post-edit error that was caught much too far along. Please excuse the situation and start making better use out of them!

Shadow Caste

Death’s Device of Shadow: Like their big sisters in the Air caste, we felt the Death’s Device of Shadow needed to better fill his designed role as “Panic inducing bully” that we always wanted him to be. This required a few alterations and the addition of some new special abilities.

Keeper: In order to better serve their mistress, the Huntress, and that style of forcelist, Keepers can now Squadlink with their multi-legged brethren.

Greater Spiderling: Reducing the enormous arachnids’ DF value by a small amount helps set the monsters apart from their little cousins and cohorts.

Ensnaring Webs Psychogenic: Changing the attack into a Stream template has made the power far more useful and attractive in the light of other Shadow Psychogenics.

Ice Caste

Luck’kit’kaii, Arbiter of Fate: After much discussion – especially after pitting him against the soon-to-emerge Earth Caste Arbiter (they are kind of rivals, so it made sense) a few times – we decided to “crank up” the narratively inspired assault efficiency of the Alteghran-altered monstrosity. His new incarnation is much the same offensive powerhouse as he has always been, but now his enhanced tactical mental structure and centuries-old fighting talents are represented in a much more deserved way. While the old Luck’kit’kaii was a killer, his new version fits the new ideology of the 200 point Arbiters a little better. (You’ll understand when San’triahn brings his mighty fists to the table…)

Please enjoy the new changes, note them for the future, and go play some Dark Age games!

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