Salt Flat Nomads

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On a hellish, barely inhabitable planet, the Nomads who call the Salt Flats their home are the hardiest Outcasts of all. Once a vast lake, the Salt Flats were home to many, many pre-Fall underwater research bases. Shortly after the Fall, a meteor impact drained the lake, and the Salt Flats formed, leaving these technological oases scattered across what would become the Nomads’ domain.

Foolish adventurers and treasure hunters have often made expeditions into the Salt Flat interior in search of the Nomads’ fabled ‘holy sites’. Few return, and those that do speak of the Nomads in whispers. The ‘desert demons’ appear without warning, attack without mercy, and vanish back amongst the salty dunes. As a fighting force, the Salt Nomads even employ the few creatures that can survive life in the deep desert. If there were ever a people on Samaria at home with their domain, it is the Salt Nomads.