July Dark Age Releases And Documents Update

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It’s hot outside. And it’s hot over on the gaming tables, too. The latest Dark Age releases are now available over in the CMON webshop as well as at your LGS. This month we have the new Forsaken Haniel Triad Unit Box, as well as continuing the repackaging of the Dragyri Fire Caste. In addition to all that, we’ve also updated some of the web documents that you should all check out.

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Haniel Triad Unit Box And Battle Report Videos

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Haniel Ranger 2017 Front

Hello Good Samarians out there. We’ve been busy over here today. For starters, we have posted up new versions of the General FAQ as well as the Secondary Objective Cards on the website. So be sure to check those out. From there, we’ve also got two brand-new videos for you.

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A Look at the Haniel Ranger

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Haniel Ranger 2017 Front

“Lock and load, girls and boys. Step where I step. They will never see us coming.”

The life of a Forsaken Haniel is not very forgiving, and often relatively short. Spending days or sometimes weeks hunting the enemy near to their territories puts the Haniels in constant danger, especially those that are ordered to stay active near Skarrd hunting grounds. More than a few Haniels have ended up in the cults’ larders because of a foolish misstep or a brave attempt on a priority target. Only a select gifted number of these deadly scouts venture deep into enemy turf, dodging enemy patrols and picking off stragglers, in order to return to New Ashkelon with invaluable information about wherever they have been. These career scouts are given a military rank and a new title – that of Haniel Ranger.

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The 2017 Official Brood Beta Rules Document

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The Brood have been evolving and genetically reincarnating for centuries, and the rapid escalation of Samarian conflicts in the last few decades has caused the most change in them to be sure. With the promise of a new Dark Age: Brood faction-focused book planned for later 2018, it was decided that we would give the age old Brood faction a rules-facelift before their full new release. Now, as of today, the gaming populace of Dark Age players and fans get to use these new rules officially.

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A Look at the Broodspawns Evolved

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In just a few short days, we will be releasing the brand new and terrifying “Beta” rules for the Brood – one of Dark Age’s oldest and dearest factions – and we wanted to give you folks one last peek behind the curtain about how these new rules are going to work.

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The 1,000 Point Moffit Challenge! – Official 2017 Rules

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moffit token

Since Dark Age began, there have been a few champions of the game that rose up from the ashes and climbed above the chaos to serve as demo volunteers, event coordinators, Playtesters, and even writers or editors of our game and its products. While they are Legion and they all bring new and awesome things to our community, none have gone – literally – so far out of their way to do so as David Moffit.

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Paint Spl’Attr – Ajax Exo-frames

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Though there’s an official paint scheme for Dark Age minis, that doesn’t mean everyone has to make their figures look the same. You should always look to paint your minis the way you want, adding your own personal touch and flair to them. In this Paint Spl’Attr article, Dave Taylor and Bobby Lomoggio take us through several paint schemes for the Ajax Exo-Frames, just released. Use their work as inspiration for your own paint schemes, and feel free to show off pictures of what you’ve done with your figures.

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Ajax-Chassis Exo-Frame

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“It is a great honor to pilot such a deadly piece of our history.” –Terry Bandwidt, Ajax Pilot Recruit

Saint Joan’s search to fulfil Isaac’s final words evolved from a strange and vengeful vision quest to a segmented journey from one hidden cache of technology to another. Following outcast rumors, translated texts, and the gasped confessions of the viciously interrogated, her travelling warband uncovered thousand-year-old samples of what the United Worlds had to offer when it was still in control of Attr. Most of these items are broken, decrepit, and little more than potential research for technicians to pore over in the future, but every so often, something is unearthed that is a truly wonderful echo of the planet’s past.

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Dark Age June Releases Available

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The earth’s shakin’, the Saints are walking among us, and it’s really starting to heat up in here with the latest set of releases, available now at your gaming store. The Dragyri Earth Caste has a new box set, the Forsaken have an alternate version of Saint Isaac, and the Fire Caste has some new packaging for many of their favorite units. Let’s take a look.

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Dragyri Battle Report Roundup

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With the Earth Caste hitting tables all around the world, Dark Age‘s most venerable alien warriors are getting a spotlight shined on them. There’ve been some great battles using the different sub-factions over the years, and we’ve collected a couple together here for you to check out. Watch, enjoy, and maybe pick up some tricks you’d not seen before.

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