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Though there’s an official paint scheme for Dark Age minis, that doesn’t mean everyone has to make their figures look the same. You should always look to paint your minis the way you want, adding your own personal touch and flair to them. In this Paint Spl’Attr article, Dave Taylor and Bobby Lomoggio take us through several paint schemes for the Ajax Exo-Frames, just released. Use their work as inspiration for your own paint schemes, and feel free to show off pictures of what you’ve done with your figures.

With the release of the new Ajax Exo-Frame card for the Saint Isaac subfaction of the Forsaken allowing you to take multiple of the Ajax’s Might model in your force, we thought it might be fun to show you a couple of ways to differentiate them on the table-top.


The easiest way to differentiate your Ajax suits (aka Exo-Frames) is to paint them differently. In the photo above, you can see Dave’s Ajax’s Might on the left, painted to mimic the Saint Isaac suit in the CMON studio collection. On the right, Dave has chosen the same color scheme (Isaac’s signature rust color), but has switched around some of the panels, painting rust red where there was previously metal, and vice versa. This could work quite well if you are only running one additional Ajax Exo-frame alongside your Ajax’s Might.


Another way is to add some bold stripes in a contrasting color to the same scheme as you have painted your Ajax’s Might. In this photo above, you can see different angles of an Ajax Exo-frame with bright, white stripes. According to the lore, there might be as many as two dozen of these Exo-frames that could be fielded, so the addition of a number to one of the shoulders could be helpful, and add a great, future-military feel to the model. This one very definitely stands out from Dave’s original Ajax’s Might, so there’ll be no confusion for his opponents on the table.


Bobby Limoggio has taken a different path again, and has decided to give his first Ajax Exo-frame a very different look. Although his original Ajax’s Might (not pictured) follows the standard scheme pretty closely, he has chosen to go with a dirty white look for this one. The bright scarlet/orange stripes are a nod to another sci-fi vehicle of note, but by switching up his scheme entirely, it leaves Bobby open to explore a variety of options if he decides to add another Exo-frame to his collection.

You might have also noted that Bobby went for a fairly simple, yet effective, conversion here. He turned the head of the model to look off in the opposite direction to the original. If you are feeling daring , you could also try some more extensive conversion work, particularly if you are cutting up the plastic Ajax suit from the Path To Glory starter set.

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