Paint Spl’Attr – Ice Caste Dragyri Crystals

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We’ve always been very impressed with the way that the team at Big Child Creatives have painted our wonderful Dark Age miniatures. With the recent release of the Dragyri book, along with the unveiling of the Shadow Caste, and numerous resculpts for the Air and Ice Caste, we’ve been lucky enough to snag quite a few painting tutorials from them. Here is the latest: crystals for the Ice Caste Dragyri.



To craft these crystals you can just sharpen a resin sprue or something similar, carefully using a sharp hobby knife, as if you were carving a stake. Make a couple of them and proceed to place the crystals in the base.

To start, paint a base coat in a dark blue. One or two coats will be sufficient to obtain good coverage.

Painting the Crystals


Now we start adding some light to the blue. This is done by adding white to increase the light. It is important to distinguish the planes of the crystal. To do this will blend the light from the bottom to the top in one of them, while in the adjacent plane will do just the opposite, top-down, getting a glassy effect on the material.

As a rule, next to the most intense light, you must place the most intense shadow.

Final touches


Finally, you we outlined the edges with a very pale blue, almost white.


This technique can take a little while to master, but when you have your basing crystals coming out the way you want them to you can use this approach on the weapons of the Ice Caste. Of course, you can also switch the colors up to create crystals and weaponry for the Air, Fire, and Shadow Castes too.

Happy Painting!

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