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After a recent chat with José Nuñez, the owner of Big Child Creatives (the wonderful team in Spain that sculpts and paints many of the Dark Age miniatures), he sent us through this great walkthrough of painting the Shadow Caste Dragyri armor. He also sent us details of the way the Big Child team painted the skin for the Shadow Caste. You can check that post out HERE.

In order to make the painting process simple and easy we won´t talk about specific colours of a pre-determined range. Instead of that, we’ll talk about hues (red, blue, yellow…) and tones. You won´t need to have the colors we actually used, but can substitute in those you have to match the ones we show in the mixing section of the photos.

Basecoating the armor and Preparing the Mixes


Now we start with the armor plates. Start from a dark base, mixing turquoise and a little bit of some kind of dark red and black as you can see in the mixings reference photo above.

Adding Texture



We want a worn finish for the armor, so we must create the texture with the paint over those smooth plates.

The technique is quite simple and very effective. It consists of applying successive layers of light paint over the dark base, moving your brush to create lines, dots and scratches randomly, but concentrating the light towards the points where the reflection should be more intense.

For these layers of light paint, you can mix turquoise and a light yellow (a yellow with a little bit of white). In the successive layers add more yellow and/or white to the mix as you can see in the original mixing photo reference.

Glazing the Plates



The main texture is done. Now it is time to blend everything and do a little cleaning over the surface for a more natural look. You can apply some glazes with the base color of the armor over the plates. Also in this step we do some shading with a mix of turquoise and a dark red that will give more depth and a variety of color to our shadows.

Bringing back the Highlights


Now with a very light color, even white, you can highlight the edges and enhance the light spots of the armour, that will give the final definition needed.

Finishing the Shadow Caste Goliath


In the next steps you can see how to proceed to paint the rest of the elements to finish the miniature.

The techniques used are similar to the ones already showed in the previous steps of this tutorial. Remember, diluited paint and always working in layers of lights, shadows and midtones. For the clothes you can use a different texture than the armour and keeping in mind that the clothes will not reflect as much light as a metallic surface.

One simple trick we used for the red runes of the armor was, in order to give a strong red, we first applied a base coat in white. To simulate a little glowing effect you can apply some glazes of red paint around the runes (a fine airbrush is a good tool for this, but it can also be done with a brush). Then add some final highlights on the runes with a very light pink to give to them that touch.

…And Complete!

goliath11 goliath12

And here is the final result of the process. You can do all of these steps or abridge some of them for a quicker result over your tabletop miniatures.

Happy painting!

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