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After a recent chat with José Nuñez, the owner of Bigchild Creatives (the wonderful team in Spain that sculpts and paints many of the Dark Age Miniatures), he sent us through this great walkthrough of painting the Salt Flat Nomads’ Moloki (released last Friday!). We just had to show you all. Over to José.

“I would like to share with you a little step by step of this fantastic Dark Age miniature, the Moloki. The Moloki are desert creatures, accustomed to camouflage themselves in dry and sandy environments. For this I used a warm color palette, always moving between tertiary colors, with shades from red to yellow, without losing the feel of the pale skin these sand crocodiles have. Now I will explain how I painted the fantastic model, sculpted by  Alejandro Muñoz Martin, of the Bigchild team.”

Throughout this article we’ll refer to various paint colors from both the Vallejo and Army Painter ranges. These are typically available from your FLGS, or through our webstore. You’ll be able to recognize these by the prefix we use: VMC – Vallejo Model Color, VGC – Vallejo Game Color, VMA – Vallejo Model Air, AP – Army Painter, S75 – Scale 75.


Step 1.
I applied a basecoat in three layers upon which to work afterwards. It was applied with an airbrush, but this basecoat can also be applyed with a normal brush. I started by applying a basecoat of VMC Ivory. After that, I applied a layer from the side of the miniature with VMC English Uniform, leaving the upper parts illuminated with Ivory. Finally, I applied VMC Flat Brown from below, in order to have prepared a base coat upon which I could work.


Step 2.
Now I started working deeply with the brush. I intensified the shade between the scales of the skin with a mix of VMC Black and VMC Flat Brown. I also intensified the shading on the extremities, on the side and on the vertical parts of the skin with the same mix. In the lighter areas I mixed VMC English Uniform with VMC Light Flesh, and highlighted the whole upper area of the skin and some areas of the mouth.



Step 3.
Then I proceeded to apply some red tones, diluting VMC Magenta with S75 Antares Red. I applied this diluted mix with an airbrush very softly on the extremities and on the lower part of the jaw. Afterwards, I unified the highlights with a 1:3 mix of VMC  English Uniform and VMC Light Flesh, applied to all the scales and on the jaw, highlighting the outlines. I then used a 1:1 mix of the two colors, to highlight the lower part of the head.




Step 4.
Finally, I started to paint the spines on the back with a mix of VMC Black and VMC Violet as a basecoat applied to every spine. For  the highlights I slowly added VMC Light Flesh to the mix until I felt satisfied. I then used VMC Light Flesh to finish highlighting the edges of the scales, and on areas like the face I also added VMC White to finish the highlights. Once the eyes were painted black, the miniature was finished.

Interested in buying a blister pack of Moloki or two? Then ask your FLGS to order some in for you, or head to our website HERE.

Also, José has kindly sent us this model, and we’ll be including it in the prizes for our upcoming “4,200 Facebook Likes” competition. Head to our Facebook page HERE and share it with your gaming friends. As soon as we reach 4,200 likes, we’ll let you know how you can win!

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