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Hey everyone!
As promised, you asked 10 really good questions about Dark Age, and we are taking a few minutes out of our day to go ahead and answer them to the best of our ability.
We hope you like what you find, and that it sparks good conversations on your various fan pages and the Dark Age Facebook site!


Question #1 (from Chris Marshall): “Given where we are in the story line, what drives Saint Luke now? No gate. No ship. No new tech. Jake Flay as his companion in arms. Dwindling band of troops. What keeps the People’s Champion moving forward?”

Answer #1: Saint Luke is still one of the peoples’ champions, and has only been made more so by seeing the horrid evolutions and new creatures of the Brood rising up. Once he and Flay get back to New Ashkelon and find out the horrible things both John and Mary have suffered while Lilith and her cronies maintain their iron grip on the Forsaken people, the Bull Saint will have some interesting words and ideas for his brethren.

Q#2 (from Scott Webster): “What is the next big thing for Dark Age, baring faction updates?”

A#2: A new and improved 2018 Op Kit is the next big thing (aside from card updates and such). It will contain new art cards, new OP event cards, a new tournament style to run, and even a new LE miniature that comes with its own statistics that you could win well before it goes into a larger release in a different form. Stores and demo staff can get their hands on the new OP Kit starting in March!

Q#3 (from Josh Aitken): “Could DA ever expand their fluff via novels etc outside of the rulebooks?”

A#3: We would LOVE to have some secondary media written and published for Dark Age. Right now that isn’t in the cards due to manpower and maintaining a proper budget for our game, but we know that such a fantastic and rich world setting could support volumes of lore and narrative information!

Q#4 (from Daniel Garnett): “With the release of a new Outcast faction will there be any possible additional models to the other outcast factions?

A#4: The new Outcast deck mixes up a few of the different subfactions as to who can run with which subfactions, and people will be surprised (maybe not TOO surprised, if they have been keeping up with the narrative reading) where some of the units will be. We look forward to people seeing the new lists and talking more about them, and I know we will see some new conversions of existing models here and there to work together aesthetically as well as on the battlefield.

Q#5 (from Jerome Inkog Nito): “Are you guys planning to Translate the rules for your Fans in Europe?
German maybe?”

A#5: Planning to? Not at this time. Would we entertain the idea once sales in those areas rise enough to warrant the expense? Absolutely.

Q#6 (from Mikey C): “Why does the Sight of the Prevailers look like it is an elite sniper rather than jetpack infantry?”

A#6: The Sight is a long distance spy/scout that happens to train and fly around with the Skylancers. The “sniper look” of the Sight of the Prevailers is due to its enhanced surveillance and recording equipment, not as much translated in a battlefield role.

Q#7 (from Kristian P Delaney): “Are there any plans to grow the game and community so that new players are brought and hooked in?”

A#7: Every media post, every share to a fan group or gamer web portal, and every Live video is another tool in the toolbox for trying to spread the word and get more people playing. We have a fantastic game system, great world, and one of the best rule sets in the miniature game industry (we might be biased), and it shouldn’t be hard to get people playing once they get a taste. So, what we suggest and plan to do is throw as many “tastes” as we can out in the world and watch the players and fans come in for more.

Q#8 (from Chris Weinstein): “There was discussion by the community on Facebook about the possibility of playing on a 3×3 surface… any chance this may be seen officially?”

A#8: The game is designed and playtested based off a 4×4 table, so there would need to be a LOT of testing and such to make sure a 3×3 field would be fair, or if it would favor extremely fast close combat armies (Air Caste, Brood) too much. Now, we have always thought it might be fun to make special scenarios and themed events that have different sized tabletops, varying deployment zones, and maybe even mismatched force sizes… so, we’d say give it a try and tell us how it goes!

Q#9 (Nikita Startsev): “How big your factions are supposed to be? For example we have Shadow Dragyri with 19 units – what are the odds we gonna have 30-40-50 models in the faction to have more options? Or you are more into new factions with much less model line?”

A#9: We expand the factions and subfactions at a pace that our miniature artistes and casters can supply us, but also we do our best to make sure the various factions represent their narrative in the Dark Age world. Factions that have been around much longer tend to have more options, and new factions are still growing – but get more attention in the present as far as new units come along. Everything gets looked at and no one is forgotten, but there is no hard and fast rule as to where we want each faction, at least in the terms of their possible unit numbers.

Q#10 (from Clayton Conduff): “Is there any chance we’ll see more “historical” type factions/sub-factions, similar to the Followers of the Heretic (Saint Johann)?”

A#10: While there aren’t any plans for official “historic” subfactions, we are always looking for ways to remind the players about Dark Age’s long and deep past. That being said, we are working on “The Year is 518” narrative list of which models are available, which models are “dead”, and some special rules and bonuses certain subfactions or models have in the current narrative Samarian year of 518, making a new and cool way to run narrative-based tournaments or even leagues. It should be very fun, and a way to mix things up!

There you have it! We hope these answers spark off some good conversations and possibly even some debates elsewhere in the fan base!

Thanks for your time, now go play some games!

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