Skarrd: Cult of Metamorphosis

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After the Scorpion Saint and his most loyal followers left the world of the Forsaken behind, they found solace and a new future in the Skarrd tribes. Life among the cannibals and their constant mutation gave the insane geniuses of Dexus and Johann tremendous resources to work their experiments – and evolve. Transforming from the wayward children of the Forsaken into a new cult within the Skarrd tribes, the forces of the newly crowned Father Johann have begun a rampage across the continent. Painting the landscape in a bloody road back to New Ashkelon, the new Cult of Metamorphosis is killing its way to Johann’s violent origins.

Thrall copyGiven the opportunity to explore their most horrible of visions, Johann and his sadistic grafters have made the Cult of Metamorphosis something to behold. Transforming failed Harpies into the vicious blade-laden Fallen Angels and giving birth to a host of other monsters laden with grafts never before seen. Titanic mountains of monstrous flesh stitched together with agonizing weaponry, the Juggernaut and Nightmare Juggernaut are massive, living siege machines capable of smashing through most defenses. When the Cult of Metamorphosis goes to war, nothing stands before its advance.