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Six Great Ways to Use Flesh Echoes

Flesh Echoes from the Skarrd Cult of Decay may look like zombie cannon-fodder at first glance. However, despite their less-than-Saintly stats, these blighters can support a Cult of Decay army in a surprising number of ways. Here are six tricks to make these Non-Living ne’er-do-wells the bane of your opponents!

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New Year, New Releases

Happy 2018, everyone! We’re starting off the New Year with a whole plethora of new releases. We’ve got something for everyone. In terms of new minis, there’s Dragyri and Skarrd, but even if you don’t play those factions, you still get the new Secondary Objective Deck. This contains new cards for every faction. So head on down to your LGS or the CMON webshop and pick up yours today.

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