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Dark Age Website Updates!

It is no secret that Gen Con starts in just a rapidly dwindling 72 hours or so, and that we will be releasing the brand new Dark Age: Skarrd book with all of its various rules and unit updates. We (and our awesome fan base!) also hold official Dark Age tournament events at Gen Con for new and old players alike to come out and have a great time – maybe even try out some of the new minis they pick up at the booth on some open tables along the way!

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Skarrd – The Evolution of Samaria’s Horrors

Only a short time before Dark Age: Skarrd comes out for everyone to marvel upon, and it will probably take quite a while for you readers to find all the cool new aspects of the older units and pick out the best parts of the new ones.

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The Skarrd are Coming… and They Have Evolved

So… we loom closer and closer to the official release of the first printing of Dark Age: Skarrd, and we wanted to whet your appetites a bit with four new and wonderful changes from the old Skarrd to the new and improved cannibal mutant armed forces.

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A Closer Look at the Upcoming Skarrd Unit Boxes

Hello all you Fine Young (and Old, we don’t discriminate) Cannibals!

With GenCon 2017 looming just a handful of weeks away and with it brings the release of the long awaited Dark Age: Skarrd faction sourcebook. As soon as this collection of great narrative, new units, old units, and all their fearsome talents is out in the wild, we will begin to transfer the Skarrd miniature range into Unit Box sets over the course of several months – all the while surprising you with resculpts and NEW units as well along the way!

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