Taking a Look at the Death’s Device Corps of the Dragyri Castes

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With the new re-sculpted Death’s Device Unit Boxes for the Ice and Air Castes coming out in just a few weeks, we thought it would be rather fun to take a look at the narrative roles that the powerful Death’s Device Corps of the Dragyri fulfil – maybe you’ll agree with their showing on the tabletop!


The Death’s Device Corps of Ice

Feared and revered equally in Dragyri society, the Death’s Devices of the Ice Caste are powerhouses of melee combat that tower over many of their brethren and cast a figurative shadow over many of their battle-brothers – a literal one in many other cases. They are brought up from those warrior Trueborn that never feel the slightest pull of their kind’s psychogenic powers, even going so far as putting themselves through masochistic rituals of self-punishment and testing to keep away the influence of Ice Foci. Their views upon the use of elemental mysticism is often felt as ridicule or mockery – except of course to the Soul Wardens and Spirit Lords, who hold true power with the Arbiters.
Serving as battlefield executioners and heavyweight hitters against the toughest of foes, Ice Death’s Devices are armored powerhouses that surge forward into any enemy fearlessly. There isn’t a conflict too daunting or enemy too dangerous for a Death’s Device to go up against. Their caste’s longstanding Arbiter, Luck’kit’kaii, long ago walked amongst them as a member, but after the Alteghran transformations and modifications within him activated over the decades – he is merely the avatar of their single-minded violent skillset.

The Death’s Device Corps of Air

Formed of the most physically inclined female warriors of the Air Caste which do not tap into their natural predilection for psychogenic foci, the Air Caste Death’s Device Corps are a beautiful combination of combat and artistry. Their role on the battlefield is unsurprisingly easy to understand – never stop moving, and never stop killing. The Air Death’s Device is always equipped with a huge bladed ring, like a massively oversized version of the chakrams used by Whispers and Disc Slaves. With their weapon they can flip, twirl, and dance into the enemy and leave them in tatters.

Socially, when not deployed by the Spirit Lords to enter conflict, the Air Death’s Devices are treated like celebrities amongst their caste-sisters. They live in small groups, enjoying the company and camaraderie of their own ilk whenever they can. Their small community circles spend their days forging, cleaning, and sharpening their weaponry as well as training each other in their always-evolving dance of death.

The Death’s Device Corps of Shadow
Masters of fear and spreaders of terror, the Death’s Device of the Shadow Caste are the least like their counterparts in other castes than all others. They are chosen from smaller-bodied male and female Trueborn – often from the castaways in other Castes – for their weakened psyches and life of misery upon which the Shadow Caste can feed, nurture, and eventually train as a sadistic killer in their Death’s Device Corps. When recruited they are subjected to unmentionable horrors from without by using fear toxins, chemicals, and physical torture – and from within using the Shadow Caste’s insidious Foci and connections to the mysterious Umbra beings in Samaria’s deep underworld.

In battles where the Death’s Device Corps of Shadow are called to arms, they are fast and cold killers that use their connection to fear and horror to paralyze their enemies and then cut them apart with their serrated swords and jagged shields. They know how to shut off the emotional part of their brains, silently stalking their foes with cold, compassionless efficiency.

The Death’s Device Corps of Fire (Disbanded)
Replaced by the honored selection of Rath’zhi’s Enforcers of Judgment, the now-defunct Death’s Device Corps of the Fire Caste where once numerous during the inter-caste wars that lead to the devastation of the Water Caste and the rise of Fire. They were considered to be some of the most honorable duelists in the entire caste, working hand in hand with the Volcanic Order to form structured battle lines and strategically sound movements on the battlefield.
When they still held a place in the Fire Caste, their Death’s Devices wore thick, brassy plated armor similar actually to that worn by the Ice Caste Death’s Devices to protect themselves. Offensively, the Death’s Devices of Fire wielded two identical crystal-edged scimitars with which they would swat away weak incoming attacks or scissor together to lop limbs from their foes.

The Fire Caste’s turn toward using old Alteghran technology and setting aside old honorable ways caused Rath’zhi to shut down his Death’s Device Corps, and those Trueborn within the caste who remember them still wonder if it was a good trade to make.

The Death’s Device Corps of Earth (…as they are remembered)
It has been centuries since the Death’s Devices of Earth walked Secktess’ tunnels and caverns, but many Trueborn that remember the Earth Caste still tell tales about San’triahn’s stalwart warriors. Earth Death’s Devices were an elite cadre of selfless warriors that traveled alongside Earth Caste nobility wherever they went, like Spirit Lords or Soul Wardens, but unlike the protective Quakes who served as defensive bodyguards – the Death’s Device of Earth were much more aggressive when it came to dealing with a threat.

Earth Death’s Devices were huge, even by Earth Caste standards, augmented by a number of Foci-assisted crystal implants at key points within their “aetheric framework.” These inserted augmetics made them impossibly strong and able to ignore most small wounds, but it also made them too prone to psychogenic surges if they tried to access their natural talents. Instead, they trained and practiced with a huge crystalline flail. With a grunt and the swirl of both bulging arms, the Death’s Device’s flail would whirl around their titanic form to smash mercilessly into their enemies. It was an unsubtle weapon and built for nothing short of crushing force, but it was difficult to defend against and able to turn a foe to pulp in a single strike.

Even with the new rise of San’triahn, his Death’s Device Corps is still as yet closed to new recruits… but his Soul Wardens have been teaching the Mattock Slaves to shape deep crystals into all sorts of shapes once more…

There you go! A fun look at the different Death’s Devices in the Dragyri narrative. We hope you enjoyed it, and can’t wait to hear what you think about this little glimpse on previously unknown Dragyri factoids!

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