TempleCon 2015 Reveal

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TempleCon 2015 is upon us, players… and with that it’s time to reveal our newest addition to Dark Age…



We are proud to announce that at TempleCon 2015 the world will see its first glimpse of DARK AGE: OUTCASTS!

Nomad caravan walk jpg


+Full Army Book: DA: Outcasts contains everything involving outcasts- Generic, Slavers, the new Salt Flat Nomads subfaction, and the Bounty Hunters.

+Revamped Rules: Every unit has been overhauled and re-balanced or re-invented to a new tactical use. All Sub-Factions have been reworked to offer more flavor and strategy.

+Revamped Sculpts: Many older models have been re-sculpted to be brought in line with our newer releases.

+200+ pages of narrative, continuing the story from Fanaticism and showing the development of the world and its characters.

+A host of new models, including the fierce Salt Flat Nomads (14+ new models), new Bounty Hunters(5+), and re-sculpts (5+)


In the coming days we’ll reveal a bit more about just what we’ll have for you at TempleCon 2015, so stay tuned!



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