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It is that time of the month again (well, just a little bit later than we would have liked) and we have three new releases for Dark Age. Cick on the names of the releases below to take you through to the webstore.


DAG02002   Air Caste Faction Starter – $59.99


The Air Caste are currently ascendant in the Dragyri social order, with Yovanka having won the position of Grand Arbiter. This has not, however, altered the way the Air Caste do things. Their all-female Trueborn force continues to move like the wind and strike with the force of a brutal storm. Their hit-and-run tactics are legendary. It must be a resilient commander who can keep his troops stead in the face of such an onslaught.


  • Highly detailed resin miniatures.
  • This 500-point Dragyri Air Caste Faction Starter Box is the ideal way to start a Air Caste collection.
  • This Air Caste Faction Starter Box provides a wonderful mix of ranged and close combat options. The Spirit Lord of Air can knockdown the enemy with her staff or create havoc with her psychogenics. The Cyclone will be best dancing her way along an enemy line, eviscerating her foes. The Wails are best used to advance ahead of the others, knocking down their opponents with their whips and setting the Spirit Lord up for a series of finishing blows. The Disc Slaves are best keep out close combat, instead sitting back and delivering multiple ranged chakram strikes each turn.


Box contains: one (1) Air Caste Spirit Lord of Air model, one (1) Air Caste Cyclone model,  two (2) Air Caste Wail models, two (2) Air Caste Disc Slave models, four (4) 40mm bases, two (2) 30mm bases, and all of their Dark Age Unit Cards.


DAG2414   Shadow Caste Vespa (1) – $16.99


Amabilia, the Arbiter of Chaos, keeps two orders of assassins. The first are the Naedrae who kill violently and publicly. They are the face of any Shadow Caste terror campaign. The second order are the Vespa. These all-male assassins strike silently from the shadows and disappear just as quickly, leaving a battlefield strewn with corpses.


  • Highly detailed resin miniature.
  • The Vespa would be an elite warrior in a Dragyri Shadow Caste warband.
  • The Vespa is swift, lightly armored, and ready to take down any model it is pointed at. Combining its movement rate of 4” with its Ambush ability, the Vespa can be where you want it to be in the second turn. Keep it moving and cutting down models that might cause a threat to the rest of your force.


Blister pack contains: one (1) Shadow Caste Vespa model, one (1) 40mm base, and one Dark Age unit card.


DAG02003   Dragyri Fire Caste Faction Starter Box (5)    


In their search for dominance amongst the Dragyri castes, the Fire Caste have eschewed traditional notions of honor, flexing the concepts to fit their way of fighting. They now embody the raging inferno, brutally fast and equipped with a lot of wonderful Alteghran technology, that can set the world ablaze. Led by mighty Spirit Lords as at home with controlling their elemental Focus as slaughtering foes in close combat, the Fire Caste forces look to weaken enemy forces with fire and then sweep in to the screaming chaos to finish things off.


  • Highly detailed metal miniatures
  • This 500-point Dragyri Fire Caste Faction Starter Box is the ideal way to start a Fire Caste collection.
  • The Spirit Lord can advance swiftly and is best supported by the Volcanic Helots as bodyguards. This strong base of combat ability can act as a wonderful anvil as the Infernos move around the flanks and drive the enemy against that proverbial hard place.


Box contains: one (1) Spirit Lord of Fire, two (2) Volcanic Helots, two (2) Infernos, five (5) 40mm bases, and their Dark Age unit cards.

Dark Age Unit Boxes

In addition to the three new releases, we are also releasing our brand new Dark Age Unit Boxes for the Forsaken and Outcast factions. These boxed sets are designed to reduce the number of codes (SKUs) in our range, and make it more palatable for your local gaming store to stock the Dark Age range. These are currently being uploaded to the store and should be available early next week.


And in case you haven’t seen Bryan’s video about the cool stuff at CMON Expo, here it is again : )


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