The Dark Age Chronicles Return.

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We’ve been posting quite a bit recently about tournaments – the March to Immortality Tournament System, the Immortals tournament itself, and so on. You might even be forgiven for thinking that competitive play is all we care about, but that is certainly not the case. We love that we have developed a very tight set of rules that can be played in a competitive setting, but we are also fans of more casual and narrative play.

A few years ago, we released a pretty sizable document called Dark Age Chronicles: Forsaken that contained special scenarios for each of the Forsaken sub-factions, along with some special “named character” versions of Forsaken unit leaders. Well, although it has taken us a little while to revisit this format in a slightly modified manner, we have returned. You can now go to the Downloads menu on the site here, select Organized Play, and then download the Dark Age Chronicles: Forsaken document.

This time around, Dark Age veteran Robert Allen has written a short campaign that sees the forces of St. John march south from New Ashkelon to investigate terrible rumors coming out of the Blackmire swamps and the Green Sea. Although the mini-campaign has been written for St. John forces (and various antagonists), Robert has also provided alternate ways to play the scenarios if you don’t own the forces involved.

We currently have another Dark Age Chronicles packet “under construction”, and the plans for a third being fleshed out, so we are looking forward to keeping this narrative play rolling along. Look for these later this year.

You can download the Dark Age Chronicles: Forsaken – The Tribulations of St. John edition HERE.

PS. We printed a copy of this mini-campaign was a once-off promotional item for attendees at CMON Expo 2017. While the format may differ, the contents are the same.



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