The March To Immortality begins anew

May 19, 2017 CommunityEvents  No comments


With the 2017 Immortals Tournament now in the bag, and the 2017 Master Rules book out in the wild, it is time to unleash the 2017-18 March to Immortality (MTI) Tournament document onto the world!

This document is the official, CMON-approved, Dark Age tournament format for the next 12 months (until the 2018 Immortals event), and provides an excellent base for all event organizers to start from. You can run a tournament using this document with no changes, OR you can adapt it to suit your needs (running team/doubles tournaments etc). Just remember to provide all details to your players before the event.

You can go HERE to download the PDF, read through it, and get started on playing through the scenarios.

Next week we’ll do a little feature on some of the great new terrain and objective markers from our friends at Warsenal, including the awesome wagon they have created just for the scenario Caravan Control. We are looking forward to that.

And don’t forget, your local store can order Organized Play (OP) kits from CMON, or their local distributor for stores outside of the US. These kits include the coveted Bludgelt, the tickets in to the Immortals tournaments.

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