The “Name Your Favorite Side Character in Dark Age” Coming to an End

November 6, 2017 Community  No comments

We are in the final hours of our fun little Side Character contest, and this is your last chance to get in on a way to possibly score an excellent prize – just for being an avid Dark Age reader with an opinion on cool characters!

Before the thread is locked at midnight tonight (EST), make sure to get your choice in words on a comment in that thread:

Why would you want to win, you say? What coolness does the winner get, you ask?

First off, the winner’s Side Character of choice will get a little bit of a background spotlight in the announcement article that tells of the winner. That’s right, the Side Character that gets randomly drawn from the valid entries will get some cool new narrative information about that particular choice!

That’s not all! We will also contact the winner and send them one of the extremely Limited Edition Xenoshyft-Era Ajax Powersuit miniatures, new in its blister! Normally only available at special conventions or events, the winner gets one for free!

Wait… didn’t we say the winners gets a prerelease? That’s right! Well, they will receive a special PRE-RELEASE item – The Secondary Objective Faction Specific Add-On Deck a full TWO MONTHS before it will be available in the webstore!


You have less than twelve hours to choose your favorite Side Character and get that comment up in the thread. Go be a part of this great contest!

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