The “Name Your Favorite Side Character in Dark Age” Contest!

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If there is one thing that we on the Dark Age team pride ourselves on, it is our dedication to a powerful and gripping story found in the narrative of our game. We hear from you, the fans, quite consistently that it is Dark Age’s story and lore that keeps you buying the books and collecting the factions of our game. We felt, on the dawn of some really cool new story arcs and reveals approaching in early 2018, that it was about time to test you all about just how deep you read into these myriad Tales of Samaria.

Oh… and run a contest about it!

Also… some spoilers ahead… so beware…

Everyone has their favorite stars of the show; the Saint Johns, the Luck’kit’kaiis, and the L1ghtbr1ngers of the stories. It is easy to watch the comings, goings, and tragedies of the big names. You probably cringed when Mary was set upon by Johann’s harpies and got all cut up, or maybe even felt bad for poor Joanie when she found out that Isaac was murdered. These are the BIG arcs. What we want to know is more personal and found within the cast of supporting characters in these tales.


We want to know what your favorite supporting or side character, the co-stars and extras, if you will. This contest asks you, our readers, to take a moment and figure out what is YOUR favorite “side character” in the Dark Age narrative. So, any character in any Dark Age story qualifies for the attention – as long as they currently do not have a Character Miniature made for them at this time.


Starting officially at High Noon (Eastern Standard Time), there will be a thread opening up on the Dark Age Facebook Page for you to post your specific and SINGULAR choice of Side Character that is your favorite.

Anytime between now and midnight (EST) on Monday, November 6th, all you have to do to be eligible for this contest is hop onto this Facebook thread, *Like* the post, *Comment* what your favorite Side Character choice is and explain WHY. Because, after the submissions are all closed up, we will pick a qualifying entrant and declare them the winner of our little contest.

fight scene_1

What does the winner get, you ask? Well, they will receive a special PRE-RELEASE item a full TWO MONTHS before it is available in the webstore! But… more on that when we announce the winner…

Without further ado… let us declare this contest officially STARTED! Head to our Facebook post HERE!

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