UNBOXING! The Path To Glory 2-player Starter Set

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We are very excited! Last week we were able to get our hands on two advance copies of the upcoming 2-player starter set – PATH TO GLORY! We had them on display at the Las Vegas Open, and Bryan Steele has just finished up a Facebook Live event on our Dark Age FB page. You can check it out HERE.

We thought you’d also like a chance to look through the box in a more sedate fashion, so here it is.

Step One: The box (above) shows off the two opposing forces: St Isaac and his robots against the Ice Caste Dragyri.


Step Two: Opening the box, you’ll find the the first of the paper product, the Quick Start Rules. This set get’s you going straight away, explaining the concepts and mechanics of Dark Age in a straightforward way.


Step Three: After the Quick Start Rules, there’s the Path to Glory scenario, which uses the 2-D terrain and all the minis in the box (which you’ll see in following photos).


Step Four: This is the first of the heavy punchboard sheets. Templates for the various blasts, stream, and spray attacks, as well as a bunch of generic tokens for use during your games.


Step Five: Here is the second punchboard sheet, the 2-D terrain. (note: the board these items were punched out from was left behind in Las Vegas, sorry). In addition to the useful rulers, there are some different types of 2-D terrain that display their various “terrain keywords”. These terrain pieces are used in the Path To Glory scenario, and can be used in other games while you build up your 3-D terrain collection.


Step Six: The Unit Cards! In the Path To Glory box you get the same unit cards as you do in the blisters and boxed sets. We get you playing the right way from the start. Note: the complete set of Ice Caste Psychogenics for your Spirit Lord.


Step Seven: Dice. You always need dice, and these six D20s are perfect for your Dark Age gaming.


Step Eight: Your miniatures will need bases, and they are all provided. Note that these bases are a new design, and not the deep well bases, allowing you to start sticking your models down without needing to do too much modeling before you start. Of course, you can use any appropriately sized bases you like.


Step Nine: The step you’ve all been waiting for, the plastic miniatures! First up are the Ice Caste (above), in their baggies, ready for assembly. Below are the Forsaken. The models range from one to six pieces, but the average is probably three. The models are made from colored plastic so that it is easy for new players to differentiate the two forces.



Step Ten: And here they are assembled. This part took less than 20 minutes, including trimming the minimal mold lines and gluing the models together. If you had two people working on it, perhaps you could be playing within 15 minutes of opening the box.



So there it is! We have two forces that really represent the two most popular factions (Forsaken and Dragyri) and the sci-fi setting of Dark Age. Robots with laser beams against 12′ tall aliens, it doesn’t get much more “sci-fi” than that.

Our plan is to release this wonderful boxed set on March 23rd. For us this corresponds with the start of AdeptiCon, so we’ll have a lot of them available at the show. ADDITIONALLY, we want this to be out in as many stores as possible for release on that same date. Please get your local store owner/manager to pre-order their stock in the next few weeks by sending an email to our sales guy John Smith. His email address is [email protected]

We also have a retail launch kit that we are assembling. This will go out to all stores who pre-order the Path To Glory boxed set.


Included in this “launch kit” is a new piece of terrain from Warsenal, a 3-D version of one of the 2-D terrain pieces in the kit. It’s the destroyed caravan cart that is central to the Path To Glory scenario. Above you can see the 3-D render of what will arrive as a flat-packed, laser-cut MDF kit. Below are some photos of that piece assembled and painted by the designer, Jay Walker. We absolutely love it!!!

Unboxing-PTG14 Unboxing-PTG15 Unboxing-PTG16 Unboxing-PTG17 Unboxing-PTG18

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