20 Questions about the Skarrd

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You asked and we answered. Bryan takes a look at 20 questions that you wanted to know about the Skarrd faction.

Q#1 – (Dan Brugman): “Are Followers of the Heretic getting any attention with new models/rules, or are we stuck with current sculpts and rules halfway between Skarrd and Forsaken?”

A#1: Well, the Followers got a little bit of an update with the new Skarrd rules to existing models like Drillheads and Harpies, but the real bonus comes from getting access to Jon Woe and ANG-1E. When the Forsaken get the camera shifted back to them in a year or so, there will be new love for the Heretics – some of which the seeds for will be found in upcoming stories.

Q#2 – (David McWilliam): “Why does the art for The Marius Project show it with such neat beard and hair?”

A#2: The horrifying beast that Mother Blazon’s cult made out of Marius and the Cherubs is her personal pet (and pet project), so it makes sense that she grooms him regularly!

Q#3 – (Scott Webster): “How many Skarrd releases will we see between now and the Brood release?”

A#3: Lots. If all goes well and to schedule, all of the Skarrd Unit Boxes will be out in stores before Dark Age: Brood releases in August. Some of the Brood resculpt boxes will overlap the Skarrd, but not before the book actually drops.

Q#4 – (Josh Street): “New player here: what books should I buy after the [Skarrd] starter set?”

A#4: That is a very deep question based on a few factors. Do you have a specific Cult in mind? Are you interested in a mostly Panic-driving force? This is a matter that can be better defined over a conversation thread on the Dark Age: Samaria Reborn facebook fan group, perhaps?

Q#5 – (Matthew Bartholomew): “For the Toxic Psychogenic Tainted Blood. When does the enemy receive toxic counters? So if a model swings at the Tainted Blood model, does it apply -2 AS immediately, or not until the next swing?”

A#5: Ooh! Good question. As that it doesn’t make note specifically of when the Toxic Counter would be added (ie: when targets, hits, etc.), it should be added after the action is completed – whether or not the Psychogenic’s user dies in the attempt. This will be added to the Faction FAQ for clarity. Thanks!

Q#6 – (Sam Gallagher): “Are they’re going to be any additions to the faction outside of the book release? Like more church of the worm or disciples of raze models and rules.”

A#6: With the success of non-book additions like the Earth Caste, the Haniel Ranger, and more coming soon… we are definitely looking at adding more things to the Skarrd in the future. This will happen after we get done taking care of the factions/sub-factions that still need some love, but it WILL eventually happen.

Q#7 – (Cory Walker): “How often do you restock? Supposedly new Skarrd Starter Box is sold out (my local retailor got put on back order).”

A#7: We order our restocks from the casting facilities as soon as we notice that stock is getting thin. In the case of some products as of late, the stocks are depleted so fast that we have to put in the order almost immediately. We order restocks pretty much constantly, but are at the mercy of the timeline the casters’ machines and manpower. It is an awesome sign that Dark Age is doing so well that things are selling out so quickly, but we have to do our part in raising those stocking numbers as well. These are the growing pains of our success, but they will get better… we promise!

Q#8 – (Cliff Hamrick): “According to the Blood Cult, which of the other factions are the most delicious?”

A#8: As of the discovery of “bot pudding” (eating the organic meat-soup found in C.O.R.E. entropic cell batteries), I think most of Mayhem’s madmen are seriously hankering for some robots’ tasty, gooey centers!

Q#9 – (David Moffit): “Shouldn’t cannibals have fueled by combat?

A#9: Fueled by Combat, as an ability, is not just the physical consumption of an enemy. Depending on the model, it could be an invigoration because of killing a foe, the active draining of some kind of aetheric essence, or something else entirely. Giving every model that eats another model in this game Fueled by Combat would put that ability all over the place. Not all cannibals get the same rush from taking a life – maybe it is just a bite for the road!

Q#10 – (Ray Wright): “When will the Cult of Decay models be released?”

A#10: The schedule for the releases recently had to be altered due to a delay with the mass production of a couple of their sculpts, so the Cult of Decay boxed sets are scheduled to be in our webstore starting in January 2018. We were hoping for November, but that pesky Marius Project and a few of the Flesh Echoes have been dragging their feet. Trust us however, they are TOTALLY worth the wait!

Q#11 – (Owen Rehrauer): “What’s the best drink pairing to serve with bot pudding?”

A#11: Oh, that is easy… a little Luck’mai’taii, rimmed in xenosathic salt. (Man… Bryan really should do a Samarian Cookbook, shouldn’t he?)

Q#12 – (Daniel Galluppi): “Will blister packs start being released again?”

A#12: No. Blister packs will only ever be used to sell Limited Edition models and older models that are waiting for new friends to join them in a regular unit box (ie: Captain Cora or Dah’vid).

Q#13 – (Igor Ivanov): “Will he [Father Johann] get a new sculpt in the upcoming year (yes/no, no need to get into the details)?”

A#13: Not at this time. A good paintjob makes Father Johann’s model pop just fine. Perhaps in the future, but he is not on the list of impending resculpts for the foreseeable future.

Q#14 – (Tyler Drew Jones): “I’m liking the new Cult wide Gifts of Evolution. Any plans do so with Heretics or other Forsaken sub-factions?”

A#14: Well, we aren’t going to be looking into touching back on the Forsaken Faction for at least a year, but who knows where the story will take us and what will happen when that time comes?

Q#15 – (Erica Barlow): “Are there any play balance issues that everyone seems to have? Is Golab too good? How would these issues be addressed going forward, or is now set in stone because it’s in the book?”

A#15: Nothing in our game is ever fully set in stone, as that we can always make errata and card adjustments through the online documents and card files. However, we like to wait at least a year before any major unit changes need to take place.

Q#16 – (Igor Ivanov): “So who is Skars and how is he related to Skarrd (and Kukulkani too)?”

A#16: Skars’ sordid tale is told in the Skarrd book, but we can sum it up for you… he was a human being captured by the Kukulkani to be experimented upon and bridge the communication gap between the Kukulkani and humanity. They filled him up with horrible stuff and eventually he escaped. Now he lives as a frontier monster, either hanging out with other monsters (Skarrd) or getting his internal implants and augments recharged by being close to the technomantic bio-energy network (Kukulkani).

Q#17 – (Corey Gilarno): “Are there gonna be separate cult starters coming out? Any time frame?”

A#17: There will be faction boxed sets for all the Cults similar to how we released sub-faction boxes for the Forsaken Saints. As for a time frame, I believe the new schedule has the first of those coming out in January 2018. In the meantime, you can get much of the line still in blister format through our webstore.

Q#18 – (Alex Bannet): “Will we see more Bounty Hunters that can work with Skarrd?”

A#18: Oh yes; with Father Johann trying to assemble a legitimate nation of Skarrd under his banner… he will be getting some of the less scrupulous Bounty Hunters in the world to work for him and his ilk.

Q#19 – (Derrick Postale): “Do Charity’s Might or Zeal (or Dominique’s Chalica) still count as Buzzblades for other purposes?”

A#19: Nope; as soon as the model that changes them deploys onto the field of battle and gives them their new stat card and model name, they cease being Buzzblades and join the battle as something totally new and improved!

Q#20 – (Melissa Wiley): “Is Father Curwen going to kill Father Johann for getting involved with the Mary situation?”

A#20: While we won’t straight out and say that one Father will kill the other in any sort of open conflict, I think it is safe to say that the two mighty Tribal Fathers are going to eventually have to come to blows over their opposing views on how to handle poor, poor Mary.


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