A Look at the Broodspawns Evolved

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In just a few short days, we will be releasing the brand new and terrifying “Beta” rules for the Brood – one of Dark Age’s oldest and dearest factions – and we wanted to give you folks one last peek behind the curtain about how these new rules are going to work.

In the years passed, the Brood could either be played as a complete forcelist with no particular benefit, or as one of three specific Broodspawns that added interesting bonuses at the cost of limiting which units a player was allowed to choose. As we have moved into this new era – both in game rules and in the narrative of the faction – we decided to evolve the Brood into an easier and less-restrictive way to play the models you want to play. The Brood Mere knows her children have new and unique needs that occur when away from the confines of the swamp. When these situations arise, she sends powerful commands to their genetic makeup telepathically. They suddenly have new means to deal with new obstacles – even if it is physically taxing to their malleable forms.

In these Beta Brood Rules (which are going to be fully official for event use!), before you deploy your Brood force, you choose one of four Broodspawn Benefit types. These benefits will function on ALL of your Brood models for the duration of the game. It really is as easy as that.


The Brood Mere knows that her children are not always great at solving problems or overcoming mental challenges, but a new strain of sentience can be tapped into if they have need of such things…
Broodspawn: Awakened is a way to add mental acuity and individual willpower to the Brood. Adding Masochist (+4PS) to all of its units means that Panic counters are shrugged off, On Hold uses for Evade, or some scenario-based Objective Marker interaction can be achieved much more easily.

Sometimes the Brood Mere wants her children to be nothing subtle, funneling raw rage and fury into their already bestial savagery…
Broodspawn: Eradicate is the war form for the Brood. Masochist (+2PW on melee and Bio-Gen attacks) turns good killers into great killers. It is not the finesse option, but spending just a single HP to possibly inflict a lot more damage to enemies is a worthy option.


Mobility is key in certain circumstances, and the Brood Mere knows that she can get bursts of speed out of her minions with just the right urge…
Broodspawn: Guile is key to throwing enemies off during a battle in motion. Masochist (+1MV) is useful on several levels. Secondary Objectives might require a unit to get somewhere fast, injured units can flee to safely heal, and even the diminutive little Pud Roamers – who are already going to be giving up their lives for the Swarm – have a much better range of being helpful to larger monstrosities.

Crippling enemies can be far more useful for the Brood Mere’s children than just completely destroying them, and she can add focused precision to them in order to achieve that clarity of purpose…
Broodspawn: Terrorize is how the Brood ensures that it delivers important status effects and connects with the right attacks at the right time. Masochist (+2AS on melee and Bio-Gen attacks) means that the Brood with attacks based on a target getting Hit are that much more dependable. So, things like Knockdown, Bleed, Sunder Armor, and Pull can be used more often, no matter the target. This is, of course, in addition to making normal attacks just more accurate.


No matter which Broodspawn a player chooses for their game, they will surely make good use out of this new Brood mechanic – especially when they get a host of new options on how to play with their genetic monsters!
Stay tuned for the new Brood in just a few more days!

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