A Whole New World

October 20, 2014 Uncategorized  3 comments

Dark Futures

Mr. Black here, dear players! And as you can see the website has had a bit of a face-list!

We’re still in the process of Upgrading some items around (store, gallery, etc etc) so if you come across a dead link it will be fixed shortly.

Specifically we lost a lot of the News articles between now and last April- Will work on getting those restored!

In the meantime check out the new forums and tell us what you think!

3 comments to A Whole New World

  • rowport  says:

    The new graphics look great! I love the color choices, and the top animations are great. I’d like to see more factions displayed in the animations, but I like the ones that are there. After I poke around through the site I’ve give more specific feedback later.

  • taruan  says:

    Clicking the news link it sends me to http://cmon.com/dark-age/ which looks the same just that it has a lot more dead links. Other than that I really like the look of the website.

  • Lycane  says:

    Like the look so far. It still needs some polish and the amount of catagories in the me he (mobile version) is a bit much.

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