August Dark Age Releases Now Available

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While Bryan toils away here at Gen Con, the hard-working warehouse crew was busy making sure that everyone is going to get something this weekend. The August releases for Dark Age are now available!

It’s quite an important release this month, as we’ve got the new Skarrd book for you.

Skarrd Book

This new tome of Dark Age lore and rules puts a new face on the mutant cannibals and introduces a powerful new threat from within their ranks – the undying worshippers of atomic fallout, the Cult of Decay! Bringing new rules for one of Dark Age’s oldest sets of monsters as well as revealing many new units, Dark Age: Skarrd is a must have for Skarrd players and Dark Age fans

We also have a new Skarrd Faction Starter.

Horde Faction Starter

From the early days after the Abandonment, when the they fled from the ruins of Port City to become the tribes of the Baniss, to the appearance of the Heretic Saint and the creation of the Skarrd, the denizens of the Northern Wastes
have had to become brutal killers to survive. There is no room for the weak, there are no resources to be spared on the sick or elderly. In Skarrd society, you take what you need to survive and you follow the commands of your Tribal Father.

Up next is the Fell Unit Box.

Fell Pack Unit

Much like the members of the Skarrd tribes, the fell jackals of Samaria are skilled scavengers who use pack tactics to bring down their enemies. It is little wonder, therefore, that the beasts are now ubiquitous around the fringes any Skarrd camp. They can be used as hunting dogs, or guided into battle by the violent Scourge taskmasters. Whichever way the Fell Packs are used, you can bet that no tears will be shed over their fate.

And then Raze gets a new box set.

Raze and Disciples

No one can remember where Raze came from, and the silent Raze does not care to illuminate anyone. There is much speculation on his origin – from suggestions he is a cyborg to rumors he was created before the Fall – but none of it really matters. All that matters is that Raze goes where he pleases, and the enemies of Raze do not last long. This stoic and constant presence has spawned a cult of admirers, fanatics who have modified their bodies to echo the shape of Raze himself.

Skarrd aren’t the only faction with something this month. Dragyri have a couple of releases, also.

Dragyri Slaves

The Dragyri culture runs heavily on the idea that the Trueborn warriors are devoted to glory and combat, leaving the menial tasks to a multitude of comparative diminutive Slaves. These scampering servants are brought to battle alongside the Trueborn, hurling themselves to the best of their ability at the enemy – sometimes with the crack of a Taskmaster’s whip at their backs!

And last, but not least, the new box for Air Caste Elementals.

Air Caste Elementals

Among the elements attuned to Trueborn Castes, Air exhibits the most variety in the way it can be channeled by a Soul Warden. In addition to the Greater Storm Elemental, the Soul Wardens can summon packs of Zephyrs, who rely on numbers
to assault their foes, or Squalls, who can deliver their destructive lightning strikes at range.

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