Brand New Faction Starter Boxes Available SOON!

October 7, 2016 New Releases  No comments


We’ve been talking about our new Faction Starter boxes for a little while now, but we are very excited that we can finally announce their imminent release! Next Friday (October 14) we’ll have the first four of these sets available in the Dark Age webstore. Each of these sets contains more models than their predecessors, giving you 500 points of Dark Age goodness right out of the box. They are all USD$60, and they are all packed in our “half-sized” boxes, which make it much easier for your friendly, local gaming store to stock on their shelves. Their release should be a win for everybody!

Kukulkani Faction Starter – (8 models – $60)

This set contains 1 Supreme War Captain, 3 Kukulkani Warriors, 2 Harvesters, 1 Honor Guard, and 1 Ah’Chu’Kuk.


Forsaken Faction Starter – (8 models – $60)

This set contains 1 Warwind, 1 Deacon, 1 Coil Diskmaster, 1 Field Medic, 3 Banes, and 1 Bane Leader.


Outcast Faction Starter – (7 models – $60)

This set contains 1 Warchief, 1 Fixer, 1 Manhunter, 3 Wasteland Warriors, and 1 Blades.


Dragyri Shadow Caste Faction Starter – (7 models – $60)

This set contains 1 Death’s Device of Shadow, 1 Keeper, 1 Raaf, 1 Vespa, and 3 Lesser Spiderlings.

We are VERY excited to see these be released. Hopefully they’ll help you all bring lots of new Samarians into the fold!

These boxed sets are an October release, and should be available for order on the Dark Age webstore from October 14.

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