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June 5, 2017 Cards  No comments

Hey everyone!

There’s some new stuff to show off for you today. We’re right around a month out from the new Brood Rules Test release! This update will breathe a whole new life into the most “alive” faction of Dark Age, including some new styles of play, new special rules, and of course new tactical combinations. We know you all are chomping at the bit to get a look at what is coming out, so we thought we’d give you a little teaser to whet those appetites. How about some new sculpt renders and a couple of the new updated stat cards, hmm?

Yeah, we figured you’d be interested in that.

First, let’s check out some stat cards for some old favorites:

That should get those tactical juices flowing for you. As you can see, Brood are good about getting numbers out onto the field and really making the most of them. They can heal up using Consume Brood and Regeneration, and one lucky creature can even gain a boost to their Armor values by using Calcifying Blood when it is injured! Opponents are going to want to make sure to bring extra bullets, since just because a Brood monstrosity is on the ground and bleeding out, that doesn’t mean it’s out of the fight!

Next, the new renders. The majority of the line is being redone, with gruesome new sculpts that will be released over the rest of 2017 and into 2018. While we would never tell you to stop using your existing Brood models – you should still check out the new direction these beasties are taking!


A lot has gone into these new sculpts. The Brood are products of genetic tinkering… mostly in the form of “throw the useful ingredients into the pool and see what crawls out” and that’s reflected in the figures. Puds are nasty, crawling mouths filled with hungry teeth that can patch up wounds with their own bodies, while Broodhounds will happily rip you limb-from limb with their long claws, and the Grist stare into your soul with their dead eyes and howling visage as they pump energy blasts out of their bio-projector!


That’s what we’ve got for you now. Stay tuned for more previews as we get ever-closer to the new Brood rules release!


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