Building in The Shadows

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The recent release of the mysterious Shadow Caste pulled back the curtain on this not-at-all-pleasant sub-faction of the mighty Dragyri. Tucked in amongst the units are two that will be familiar to many Dark Age players. The Shadow Caste use corrupted C.O.R.E. robots (specifically the Pathfinder and Menials) as other castes use slaves. These robots have had their connection to the C.O.R.E. AI severed and replaced with the dully glowing xenosathic crystals to allow them to be controlled by the Shadow Caste psychogenic manipulators.

While we are waiting for the rest of the Shadow Caste range to be released, we thought we would show you a way to convert the existing C.O.R.E. models to join your new Shadow Caste warband. Of course, there is no need to convert your models – a darker, more “evil” paint scheme could suffice – but if you want to take it that one step further, here’s what you could try.


We began by building our Pathfinder as is. We chose the buzzsaw and the flamethrower arms to represent the Mining Saw and Venom Thrower weapons for the Shadowfinder.


For the Menials, we trimmed some of their fingers and claws and replaced them with blades we carved from 1mm think plasticard (aka sheet styrene), just to give them a little bit of wicked menace.


The next step was to start creating the clusters of xenosathic crystals seen in the Shadowfinder and Shadow Menial artwork. We carefully cut and trimmed crystal pieces from 1mm thick plasticard…


And from a hexagonal rod…


Until we had a cool assortment of different shapes and sizes.


These were then simply glued on to the Shadowfinder…


And the Shadow Menials, in little clusters or individuals. Then it was on to the painting.

shadowfinder01 shadowfinder02


The color schemes were certainly inspired by the C.O.R.E. war band painted by Rich Blondel and featured on our site HERE. Of course, the crystals had to be a wonderfully saturated purple to contrast nicely with the pale armor colors chosen. Also of note, we decided to go with a bright green for the tank on the Venom Thrower, to push the idea that it was filled with some sort of deadly toxic goop!

We hope you like this idea and will try it yourselves. If you wanted to go with smaller crystals and not chop up plasticard, then rock salt might be a better option for you. If you wanted to go for larger clusters of purple crystals, we’d recommend those made by Secret Weapon Miniatures, and can be found HERE.

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