Building the C.O.R.E. – The Zetamax

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We’ve been asked a few times about assembling the recent Zetamax release for the C.O.R.E. so we figured now was the right time to give you a step-by-step through the process. We hope this helps all you budding robotics engineers.


Step One – make sure you have all of the parts shown above. Clip the necessary pieces off their sprues and do your quick clean up of mold lines etc.


Step Two – Start by gluing the ends of the legs into the pelvis. If you want to add them, some small pins might help strengthen the connection.


Step Three – Once all four legs were attached to the pelvis, we left them to dry thoroughly.


Step Four – The next step was to glue the “skirt” on to the rear of the torso. You can seen the shapes where the two pieces will connect.


Step Five – the shoulder plates/sockets were attached to the upper torso next, and you can see them both in place in the photo below.



Step Six – Once the shoulder socialist were dry, we added the gun arms. In the photo below you can see them in position and drying.



Step Seven – Once the gun arms were dry, we glued on the head/back/entropic cell section. and left it to dry. By this stage your Zetamax should look like the one in the photo below.



Step Eight – The penultimate step was to glue the pelvis in place beneath the torso. We found a comfortable position to rest the Zetamax in while drying.


And here’s the assembled model. Pretty cool, right?


But that’s not all. The legs on the Zetamax can feel a little bit spindly, so we drilled holes into the custom base we created (using textured plasticard, aka sheet styrene) to give extra surface contact for the points at the end of the feet.


And there you have it, one assembled C.O.R.E. Zetamax, ready for paint.

We’ll get stuck into him for a future Paint Spl’Attyr article.

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