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Q&A Session

Hey everyone!
As promised, you asked 10 really good questions about Dark Age, and we are taking a few minutes out of our day to go ahead and answer them to the best of our ability.
We hope you like what you find, and that it sparks good conversations on your various fan pages and the Dark Age Facebook site!

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Six Great Ways to Use Flesh Echoes

Flesh Echoes from the Skarrd Cult of Decay may look like zombie cannon-fodder at first glance. However, despite their less-than-Saintly stats, these blighters can support a Cult of Decay army in a surprising number of ways. Here are six tricks to make these Non-Living ne’er-do-wells the bane of your opponents!

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10 Things You Only Hear at a Dark Age Table

We were sitting around the playtest table the other day and something that was said that caused everyone to laugh out loud because of the sheer ludicrous nature of the statement… and it made us think. What else do we Dark Age players say off the cuff while playing or discussing Dark Age that would only ever hear if you were standing over a Samarian battlefield?

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The “Name Your Favorite Side Character in Dark Age” Coming to an End

We are in the final hours of our fun little Side Character contest, and this is your last chance to get in on a way to possibly score an excellent prize – just for being an avid Dark Age reader with an opinion on cool characters!

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Winning Immortality: Ice Caste

Aaron Bohm gives us his insight into what it takes to win Dark Age‘s greatest tournament: Immortals. With the prize being adding yourself to the game, players want to know any sort of edge they can. That starts with what faction they choose to play. In this article, Aaron checks out the Ice Caste, one of the oldest factions in the game, and gives his thoughts about how they could go all the way.

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The “Name Your Favorite Side Character in Dark Age” Contest!

If there is one thing that we on the Dark Age team pride ourselves on, it is our dedication to a powerful and gripping story found in the narrative of our game. We hear from you, the fans, quite consistently that it is Dark Age’s story and lore that keeps you buying the books and collecting the factions of our game. We felt, on the dawn of some really cool new story arcs and reveals approaching in early 2018, that it was about time to test you all about just how deep you read into these myriad Tales of Samaria.

Oh… and run a contest about it!

Also… some spoilers ahead… so beware…

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Dark Age Battle Report: Dragyri Earth Caste vs. The Brood

Bryan and Mack take the Earth Caste and the Brood Faction Starter out for a test drive!

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Paint Spl’Attr – Ajax Exo-frames

Though there’s an official paint scheme for Dark Age minis, that doesn’t mean everyone has to make their figures look the same. You should always look to paint your minis the way you want, adding your own personal touch and flair to them. In this Paint Spl’Attr article, Dave Taylor and Bobby Lomoggio take us through several paint schemes for the Ajax Exo-Frames, just released. Use their work as inspiration for your own paint schemes, and feel free to show off pictures of what you’ve done with your figures.

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Looking into the Tactics: Earth Caste

Dragyri’s latest caste, the Earth Caste, has been making waves since the first few boxes were released. Now, we’ve updated the Faction Downloads with their full stat card list. But with all the new goodness to look over, you might be wondering how to put it all together on the battlefield. Well, that’s where Aaron Bohm has you covered. He’s written up his thoughts on the best way to put this new force onto the table.

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The Dark Age Chronicles Return.


We’ve been posting quite a bit recently about tournaments – the March to Immortality Tournament System, the Immortals tournament itself, and so on. You might even be forgiven for thinking that competitive play is all we care about, but that is certainly not the case. We love that we have developed a very tight set of rules that can be played in a competitive setting, but we are also fans of more casual and narrative play.

A few years ago, we released a pretty sizable document called Dark Age Chronicles: Forsaken that contained special scenarios for each of the Forsaken sub-factions, along with some special “named character” versions of Forsaken unit leaders. Well, although it has taken us a little while to revisit this format in a slightly modified manner, we have returned...

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