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There has been a great resurgence in activity in the Dark Age community over the last six months or so, and we’ve been seeing quite a lot of wonderful models being painted by hobbyists around the world! One such hobbyist is Richard Blondel from France. He has painted some fantastic stuff, and we’ll be sure to share more of it in the future. But for now, it’s over to Rich:


“Here is my CORE army, there is actually 1000 PTS (I use a Menial Bot as Spartan Menial). I wanted a “tabletop+” paint level for my miniatures, so that I could get playing quickly, because my friends and I have a rule where we only play with fully painted models.

I primed all the models in white and used Games Workshop paints. I’ll quickly explain how I painted each unit of my CORE army.


Menial Bot:

These one was really easy and fast to do.

1- A wash of Mechanicus Standard Grey.
2- A wash of Nuln Oil.
3- A soft wash of Agrax Earthshade.
4- A wash of Dark Flesh, but only in the hollow areas of the model.
5- A little wash of orange for the rusty effect in the hollow areas, too.
6- Highlight with Administratum Grey and pure white.



These were the most difficult for me to do. The models are awesome (maybe my favorite) but very tiny.

1- Lining with dark grey and black.
2- A very soft wash of Administratum Grey.
3- Highlight progressively from Administratum Grey to pure white, I used a wet palette for getting a soft transition of grey.
4- Battle damage: Make some little black/brown splotches with a sponge, and paint the shape in white.



I used the TB-13 techniques for these, too.


Ghost and Infiltrators:

I used the same techniques as the Tallman and TB-13, but I didn’t push the white too much for the highlights, keeping them grey. I put some orange in the hollow areas.



1- As with the Ghost and Infiltrators, I kept them grey, but with less white used to give them a darker look. I only put white on the edge of the models.
2- I used Scab Red for the bloody effect, and highlighted it with a little bit of Wazdakka Red.
3- I put gloss varnish over the blood.

WP_20160615_16_48_02_Pro_zpskt4bx2gr WP_20160615_16_47_52_Pro_zpsyxe6y1r0


1- I primed it in grey and I sprayed the model with a white primer from a raised angle in the front of the model to create a zenithal effect.
2- For the rusty parts I used the same techniques as the Menial Bot.
3- I used masking tape to get a clean shape for the orange marks.
4- Battle damage like TB-13
5- I used quite a few decals!

WP_20160615_16_49_23_Pro_zpsqs4pie3f WP_20160615_16_48_51_Pro_zpsftyevcnv


1- I used a blue/grey primer and an airbrush for a highlight in grey/white.
2- The battle damage was similar to the TB-13 and Tallman technique.
3- Then a wash of Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil in the deepest recesses of the models.
4- A little bit of Terra Sienna pigments on the legs.


The Banshee:

Incredible miniature! I still haven’t finished it.

1- I used Kislev Flesh for the skin.
2- I mixed the Kislev Flesh with some Dark Flesh for shade and a mix of Kislev Flesh with white for the final highlight.
3- The grey parts were painted with a wash of Mechanicus Standard Grey and a wash of Nuln Oil.

For my bases I used some cork, natural slate, parts from speaker grilles, sand, and some GW 40k bitz.

I’m really pleased with this warband, usually I paint a uniform looking army, but with them I wanted something more disparate; a bunch of killer bots with different functions, with a completely repurposed feel. I have really enjoyed painting all of these miniatures. After more than 20 years of modeling, I feel they are definitely some of the finest models on the market. “

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