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We are proud to present the September Releases for Dark Age!

First of all we have the wonderful new character for the Kukulkani – Ixchel, The Nocturnal Mother. Ixchel is the rightful leader of the Samarian crusade, but her position was usurped by quetzal when the Cult of the Moon Goddess were trapped in the ziggurat after the mysterious destruction of the engines. Ixchel and her followers have released dug their way out of their chambers and she now stands ready to complete the mission of the Kukulkani on Samaria.

You can now purchase Ixchel HERE.


Along with Ixchel, we get to see the Coatlanak, the adolescent forms of the great feathered serpents, the Coatlai! Coatlanaks are subjected to intense behavioral training by the war priests to follow instruction, even in the heated chaos of battle. The large alien serpents follow the cues given to them by other Kukulkani, turning their aggression on shared enemies as if by instinct.

You can purchase the Coatlanaks HERE.


And finally, we have the first of our Dragyri releases (before the avalanche hits next month). We have gone through and resculpted all of the Dragyri Slaves, and the first ones we have ready to release are the Shard Slaves. These wiry creatures are the wild cards of the slave units. Purposefully selected from the smallest and quickest slaves, they scatter crystal fragments on the battlefield and fling them at enemies by the handful. Oftentimes these slaves themselves have toiled in the mines, picking up discarded and otherwise useless fragments that have been chipped away during the mining process. The Shard Slaves must wear thick gloves of their own construction to prevent shredding their own appendages when reaching into their bag of tricks.

You can purchase the Shard Slaves HERE.

Keep an eye out for more details on the Dragyri releases due to arrive very soon!

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