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August 14, 2017 Cards  No comments

It is no secret that Gen Con starts in just a rapidly dwindling 72 hours or so, and that we will be releasing the brand new Dark Age: Skarrd book with all of its various rules and unit updates. We (and our awesome fan base!) also hold official Dark Age tournament events at Gen Con for new and old players alike to come out and have a great time – maybe even try out some of the new minis they pick up at the booth on some open tables along the way!

What this means though, is that we on the Dark Age team have a LOT of work to do to get ready and make sure all the players are prepared for what is coming and the next chapter in our game’s greater story.

In order to do this properly, especially when so much of the team is AT the convention when the product goes live, we have to update the website’s various important files a few days early – which is what brings us to you today!

While the Skarrd book does not officially go on sale in the webstore until Friday the 18th, we are going ahead and updating the Skarrd Card Files (along with the Followers of the Heretic and Bounty Hunter card files to adjust for changes in Dark Age: Skarrd). We have also updated the Skarrd Faction Document to show off the new rules on HOW to use the Skarrd with their new book. While their rules are not “tournament legal” yet, this will give people a good buying guide for all those awesome Skarrd products they prepare their wallets for!

In addition to the Skarrd (and Skarrd-related files) being updated, we have also updated the Main Rules and Faction-based Errata/FAQ files to show all of the clarifications that have come up since the release of the Master Rules in May, as well as a few other things.

Thus begins a fantastic week of Dark Age related news, events, and releases!

Hang on tight, because there is more to come!


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