Dragyri Battle Report Roundup

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With the Earth Caste hitting tables all around the world, Dark Age‘s most venerable alien warriors are getting a spotlight shined on them. There’ve been some great battles using the different sub-factions over the years, and we’ve collected a couple together here for you to check out. Watch, enjoy, and maybe pick up some tricks you’d not seen before.

Faction Starter Battle Report: Shadow Caste vs Kukulkani

Dark Age Fire Caste Battle Report

A Forsaken World – Dark Age Battle Report – Ep 17 NEW FIRE CASTE!

DARK AGE – Immortals 2017 – Round 3 – St Johaan vs. The Dragyri Air Caste

DARK AGE – Immortals 2017 FINALS – Round 5 – Air Caste vs. Blood Cult

Dark Age: New Dragyri vs The Prevailers

Battle Report: C.O.R.E. vs Dragyri Ice Caste Slaves

Dark Age Battle Report: Dragyri vs Forsaken 300 Points

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