Gen Con 2017 – Lots of Great New Things for Dark Age!

August 9, 2017 Events  No comments

With people getting ready to head out to Indianapolis for “the best four days of gaming” known as Gen Con 2017, we know that everyone has started scheduling their purchases and arranging for their so-called ninja-shoppers.
To help our loyal fans and such get their dollars, pounds, euros, gold doubloons, or Trent-mint ‘gelt ready to drop on all the new things for Dark Age next week, we decided to go ahead and send out this list of new products that we will have on hand (while supplies last, of course!).

So, if you get there on Thursday morning and are ready to grab all the new hotness before it is gone at the show, these are some of the great things you will find on and around our shelves!

Dark Age Ad

Dark Age: Skarrd – $39.99
Dark Age Skarrd 2017 Faction Deck – $14.99
Skarrd Faction Starter Box – $59.99
Skarrd Raze and Disciples of Raze Unit Box – $54.99
Skarrd Scourge and Fell Pack Unit Box – $34.99
Dragyri Slaves Unit Box – $49.99 (now includes the Earth Caste Stat Cards, too!)
…and more!!!

Also, if you manage to beat out the crowds and get them while we have stock in the booth… you can even get your hands on some of our special, Limited Edition Dark Age miniatures!
Scarlet Greater Fire Elemental – $25.00
C.O.R.E. “Coy” TB-13 – $10.00
Ancient Tech Ghrakun, Herald of Tenacity – $20.00

…and introducing for the first time…
Leuedai, Female Ice Caste Blizzard – $20.00!!!!!!

Wait! We’re not done! The first 500 Dark Age customers will also get their hands on the first printed copies of the brand new Chronicles: Skarrd; Diary of a Toxic Man, fantastic narrative collection of game scenarios based around the actions and missions of Father Curwen!

There is much more going to be available for sale, and a number of amazing new miniatures in our display cases for the first time ever. Come on out, grab what you need, and then let’s go play some Dark Age!


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