Gencon is almost here!

July 28, 2016 New Releases  No comments


In one week, the doors will open on Gencon 2016! The event has grown dramatically over the last few years, and this year promises to be just as huge! Over 60,000 gamers will flood into the Indianapolis Convention Center, and they’ll all swing through the vendor hall a few times! Of course, CoolMiniOrNot will be there, with our usual massive booth. Tucked away in there we’ll have (barring any unforeseen circumstances) the full range of Dark Age models, including the August releases for the Kukulkani.
Above you can see those releases: the 2016 Kukulkani Faction Deck, the Kukulkani Kaachika, the Kukulkani Doom Seer, and the Kukulkani Chosen of Coatlai.


In addition, we’ll also be bringing a limited number of our September releases: Ixchel, the Nocturnal Mother, and the Coatlanak.

It may seem to be all Kukulkani all the time, but the seers of this space-faring race have foreseen a rise in the darkness surrounding Gencon. The have been mumbling about the shadows for quite some time.

We’re not sure what it means, but hopefully we can shed some light on their prognostications next week. Stay tuned…


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