New Kukulkani Digital Unit Assets!

July 11, 2018 Cards  No comments

Something strange and wonderful has been lurking within the collapsed sections of the Kukulkani starcraft, and while everyone at CMON is getting ready for one of the biggest conventions of the year (GenCon), we wanted to give you some more of the digital card assets we have designed for you to make use of in your own games and events around the world!

First introduced in a piece of fiction surrounding the interactions of High Priestess Ixchel and Supreme Commander Quetzol, we get to see the Kukulkani engineering class – the Technicians.

Leading the Spoke of Technicians is Chac Xib (CHAK-ZIB), High Technician and bearer of the Artificer’s Gauntlet. In charge of the Technomantic Apprentices that prepare, maintain, and keep track of the various Coatl constructs used by the Kukulkani, Chac Xib bears no official allegiance to either the Solar Crusaders or the Lunar Worshippers within his species. He seems to have a better relationship with the Nocturnal Mother, but working with Quetzol’s crusaders has still been beneficial to the Technicians.

Technician's Rod

Chac Xib and the Technomantic Apprentices are a great way to help upkeep the machines and bio-energy driven matrices in the Kukulkani, also doing their best to aid the conquering efforts when in proximity to the enemy as well. They are best used alongside their constructs, yet have the training and access to use the bio-energy network with impressive result.

Emerging from the Technicians’ vaults is a new type of stone-alloy predator, the Ocelotl (OH-she-LAHT-uhl). Designed to be used in fast pairs, these beasts run forward on powerful bio-energic enhanced legs, leaping onto an enemy and slicing them apart with unfolding blades on their forelimbs or crushing their bones between skull-splintering jaws. They are capable of withstanding surprising amounts of damage, especially if they are given a Technician “handler” to escort them through battle.


As more of the Kukulkani are freed from the ruined sections of their vessel, the schism between those that follow the Sun and those that follow the Moon aspects of Kukulkan has grown greater – even coming to blows on some occasions. To help protect the greater mission of the crusade, an old warrior tradition has been put back into practice after nearly a century of being dormant. The Harbingers are warriors dedicated to maintaining the balance between the two sects of thought within the Kukulkani, appearing to join warhosts of Sun or Moon to try and keep neither side from gaining too much of an upper hand. The Sun and Moon Warriors of the Harbingers are chosen from those frontline warriors that have survived several missions under different commanders, technomantically modified and given the arms and armor of a Harbinger, allowing them to become a beacon of balance wherever they are called upon to wield their ritualistic swords, the Kukulkan’s Tooth.

With these new digital card assets, we hope you will add new units to your Kukulkani forces, and that we will see fantastic proxies and hear about their use on the various Facebook Community pages in the months to come!


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