No December Releases

December 6, 2017 New Releases  No comments

Hey everyone!

Everybody is going crazy with post-Cyber Monday packing and shipping, restock orders are being unpacked, new products are incoming, and all hands are on deck getting our awesome products ready and out the door to you.


During this, our season of craziness, everybody here at CMON’s Dark Age team wanted to make sure to remind you folks that December is crazy for us. To help our esteemed and hard-working warehouse staff make the most of it, we don’t release ANY new Dark Age products in the month of December.

With our increased sales and attention to the line, we know quite a few new players and fans have come on board and have gotten used to our monthly release schedule. We just wanted to make sure that everybody knew that December is NOT a release month for us, and instead it is a much needed month of focusing on getting things in and out the door before the new year comes and we start making new products our focus yet again.

Thank you for your patience, your patronage, and your continued understanding!

Cheers all,

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