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We are very excited with the new scenarios in the 2017 Master Rules book and the 2017-18 MTI document. There are a few new approaches and a very cool new size of objective for the Caravan Control scenario (3’x5′). You may have also noticed that we reworked the iconography for all of the factions and sub-factions for the Master Rules. Our graphics guy, Jeff Yu, put in a lot of work and has created some lovely icons that we are quite proud of.

While we were working on all of these things, we were talking with the guys at Warsenal. Bill and Jay and the team loved the ideas we had, and came up with a few of their own along the way. Now these ideas have been made concrete (well, acrylic and MDF) and are available for purchase by you, the dedicated Dark Age gamer!


First off, we have the Caravan Cart that is perfectly sized for the Caravan Control scenario. Sure, you could use an index card or something similar, but this Cart really brings the world of Dark Age to your tabletop. It is no coincidence that it looks like the cart in the art of glorious New Ashkelon (above). Check it out HERE.


Secondly, there are a set of three Cages which can be used as scenery by themselves, or function as objectives once dropped into 50mm deep well bases. The fit perfectly with Slavers forces, and will no doubt be incredibly popular once the new Skarrd start hitting the shelves. Take a closer look at them HERE.


Finally, there are these wonderful, full-color, printed acrylic objective markers with the faction and sub-faction icons on them. You can find a set of three markers for each of the 27 faction/sub-factions you might already play HERE.

So much wonderful stuff going on, we are very excited about the future of Dark Age!

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