Core Rules Updated

February 5, 2018 Cards  No comments

Hello Samarians!
Things are always moving and shaking in the Dark Age team, and that means we are always listening to the places in the game that are crying out for clarification or modification. Today we have a small Errata update for the Master Rules, and very soon we will have some other very interesting Faction Errata later on this month!

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Q&A Session

January 31, 2018 Community  No comments

Hey everyone!
As promised, you asked 10 really good questions about Dark Age, and we are taking a few minutes out of our day to go ahead and answer them to the best of our ability.
We hope you like what you find, and that it sparks good conversations on your various fan pages and the Dark Age Facebook site!

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C.O.R.E. Card Updates

January 29, 2018 Cards  No comments

Hello Samarians!

As Bryan mentioned in his last Live video event, there are a handful of stat card changes found in our Faction Downloads section for the cards of the C.O.R.E. faction. While a quick scan of the cards will surely show the changes we have made, we want to make it as easy as possible for you fans and players to print the cards that have been changed.

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One Cold Night on the Poison Steppe

January 26, 2018 Background  No comments

Hey Samarians!

We know you like to get hints and previews of things coming to Dark Age, but we also know you like getting new stories and lore pieces. Today we are bringing you a little bit of both! Have a read, look for references to past pieces, and maybe get a clue as to some new stuff heading to Dark Age just around the corner!

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Six Great Ways to Use Flesh Echoes

January 17, 2018 Community  No comments

Flesh Echoes from the Skarrd Cult of Decay may look like zombie cannon-fodder at first glance. However, despite their less-than-Saintly stats, these blighters can support a Cult of Decay army in a surprising number of ways. Here are six tricks to make these Non-Living ne’er-do-wells the bane of your opponents!

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New Year, New Releases

January 12, 2018 New Releases  No comments

Happy 2018, everyone! We’re starting off the New Year with a whole plethora of new releases. We’ve got something for everyone. In terms of new minis, there’s Dragyri and Skarrd, but even if you don’t play those factions, you still get the new Secondary Objective Deck. This contains new cards for every faction. So head on down to your LGS or the CMON webshop and pick up yours today.

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Taking a Look at the Death’s Device Corps of the Dragyri Castes

January 3, 2018 Background  No comments

With the new re-sculpted Death’s Device Unit Boxes for the Ice and Air Castes coming out in just a few weeks, we thought it would be rather fun to take a look at the narrative roles that the powerful Death’s Device Corps of the Dragyri fulfil – maybe you’ll agree with their showing on the tabletop!

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10 Things You Only Hear at a Dark Age Table

December 27, 2017 Community  No comments

We were sitting around the playtest table the other day and something that was said that caused everyone to laugh out loud because of the sheer ludicrous nature of the statement… and it made us think. What else do we Dark Age players say off the cuff while playing or discussing Dark Age that would only ever hear if you were standing over a Samarian battlefield?

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The Wassail of Saint Nickislaus is here…

December 20, 2017 BackgroundCards  No comments

It is about that time here on ancient Terra, and for the people of Samaria that means one thing… Saint Nickislaus is almost here with his savage bride to cull the weak from both the naughty and the nice.
So… turn down the lights… string some chains across the doors… and recite the following…

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Taking a Look at the Faction Specific Secondary Objective Add-Ons

December 13, 2017 Cards  No comments

Hey everyone!

In just a month’s time we will be offering the awesome new Faction Specific Secondary Objective Deck Add-On, and we felt it might be nice to list off the contents and preview a few of the cards found within!

Designed to be added to the existing Secondary Objective cards to help create a more streamlined and narrative deck for Dark Age forces based on their primary faction, these cards were all created to be both unique and flavorful.
Let’s take a look!

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