Results of The Favorite Side Character Contest!!!

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The Winner Is…

Gristle, as nominated by Sam Gallagher!

After carefully looking through the various contest comments on the applicable Facebook thread, we generated a list of the commenters and then rolled percentage dice (nominated 2d10 for those uninitiated in roleplaying game percentage calculations) until we rolled a number assigned to a viable commenter. That random commenter was none other than Sam Gallagher!

So, big congrats to Sam and we will be in touch very soon to get your shipping address to send you the Xenoshyft-Era Ajax Power Suit AND the pre-release copy of the Secondary Objective Deck Faction Specific Add-On! Of which we expect you to hop on Facebook and not only let us know you got them, but maybe do a little review for the people who can then run (RUN – don’t frolic!) to their local stores to get their own copies pre-ordered.

Oh, and as promised, we said that we would also reward the side character chosen to get a little spotlight as to their history and maybe give them a little more life. So, without further ado…


Gristle – “Definitely Not a Grafter”
“Hey, I’m not sayin’ that he ain’ crazy, but ye gotta admit Saint Joe had a lotta good ideas, too!”

Born and raised in Talen – a town known equally for its wobbly moral compass as its smelting of unique crystal-copper alloys – Gristle began life as Roderick Boone, second son to a mechanic alloysmith father and a veterinarian mother. Throughout young life Roderick was immersed in the use of mechanical parts to fix problems in tools as well as medical science to the same with their neighbors’ livestock. By the time he was a teenager, he could take apart and put together a diesel torquedrive as easily as he could remove bonespur deposits from a dust bull calf. It was only a matter of time before his two interests intermingled into the science of grafting.

As a young Taleni man, Roderick offered his grafting services to anyone who could pay properly. Whether it was in spare parts, favors, barter goods, or just basic ‘gelt, Roderick built one hell of a business just outside of town. Life was almost easy for him – until the Prevailer Council went after Saint Johann and vilified all grafting on non-animals. When New Ashkelon’s grafting scene went from “anyone who could afford it” to “only the beasts beneath the Creator’s care or notice”, Roderick felt a pretty swift drop in business – so he improvised. Dying his hair, wearing a mask, and going by the name “Gristle”… he was back in business!

Gristle joined up with other underground grafting circles, even attending some of The Heretic’s secret cabal meetings, but when the conversations would turn from trying to live free from Prevailer tyranny and move to outright violent treason – he made his exit and headed back to his workshop outside Talen. Ever since, he has chosen to keep living life as Gristle, a mechanic/medic for hire that knows all the best ways to keep pretty much everything still functioning.

Gristle’s Taleni upbringing means that he has no trouble dealing with pretty much anything that has at least some human DNA in it – frontier folk, New Ashkelonians, and the occasional Skarrd tribal that might need an upgrade. Conflicts are a regular thing in central Samaria, and that means that Gristle can always find work… especially considering how deeply in the moral “gray area” Gristle resides.

There you have it!
Congrats again, Sam!

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