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The Kukulkani Update is here!


We are very excited to present to you the very first of our “Web Updates”! The Kukulkani are the newest of the Dark Age Factions, and also one of the smallest. For a little while now we’ve wanted to update the way that the Kukulkani Bio-Energy mechanic works, but with such a small faction, we didn’t want to wait until we had enough units to fill a lovely printed book.

Instead we’ve decided to provide an update to the cards (which we’ve done before), and give you all a brand new type of document, which we’re calling a Lore Document. This document provides you with the background of the faction, as well as descriptions of all of the units in the faction. We hope to start rolling these out for the rest of the factions over the coming year.

The information that used to be found in the Kukulka...

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Gencon is almost here!


In one week, the doors will open on Gencon 2016! The event has grown dramatically over the last few years, and this year promises to be just as huge! Over 60,000 gamers will flood into the Indianapolis Convention Center, and they’ll all swing through the vendor hall a few times! Of course, CoolMiniOrNot will be there, with our usual massive booth. Tucked away in there we’ll have (barring any unforeseen circumstances) the full range of Dark Age models, including the August releases for the Kukulkani.
Above you can see those releases: the 2016 Kukulkani Faction Deck, the Kukulkani Kaachika, the Kukulkani Doom Seer, and the Kukulkani Chosen of Coatlai.


In addition, we’ll also be bringing a limited number of our September releases: Ixchel, the Nocturnal Mother, and the Coatlanak.

It may see...

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Community Feature – Carl Tees’ Kukulkani Ah Chu Kuk

We recently represented the first of our Community Features (Rich Blondel’s CORE army). It is now time for our second Community Feature. With the Kukulkani Web Update just around the corner, we thought it would be best to show off one of the best Kukulkani models we’ve seen from the community in quite a while. Carl Tees recently painted up this Ah Chu Kuk and we loved it so much me asked him to write a few words about the process he went through (and while it’s not actual magic, it certainly seems very close). We’ll hand it over to Carl…


Carl: This model is the Ah Chu Kuk from the Kukulkani faction and I’ve been asked to share my thoughts on how I approached painting it.


Before I started painting this piece, I attended a painting workshop with Alfonso “Banshee” Giraldes...

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Wrap Up! – the Kukulkani Kaachika Feature


We recently ran a series on our Dark Age Facebook page, focused on one of the new Kukulkani units, the deadly and lithe Kaachika. Rather than letting all that fade away, We figured you’d like to see it live here on the website in some sort of digest form.

Welcome to Wrap Up!

On the Monday we showed off the concept art for the Kaachika, very cool stuff indeed.

On the Tuesday we gave you the story behind the Kaachika, “reprinted” here.

The Kaachika are warriors who have set aside their war clubs to join the Moon Goddess openly. Now that Ixchel and the Cult of the Moon are on the rise, a number of Kukulkan’s warriors have grown in confidence, and have stepped away from Quetzol’s crusade to join the Great Mother...

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