Taking a Look at the Faction Specific Secondary Objective Add-Ons

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Hey everyone!

In just a month’s time we will be offering the awesome new Faction Specific Secondary Objective Deck Add-On, and we felt it might be nice to list off the contents and preview a few of the cards found within!

Designed to be added to the existing Secondary Objective cards to help create a more streamlined and narrative deck for Dark Age forces based on their primary faction, these cards were all created to be both unique and flavorful.
Let’s take a look!

Forsaken Cards


Crusader’s Zeal – An objective based around pushing the warriors of New Ashkelon forward into combat
For Saint and Council! – An objective based around friendly models lending a helping hand to the most powerful models in their force

Reassess the Mission – An objective based around being careful with precious human lives and not throwing them into the meat grinder without precaution

Rearm and Reload – An objective based around tactical movements and activities within No Man’s Land
Outcasts Cards


Never a Fair Fight – An objective that shows the strength of the Outcasts is often in ganging up on weaker foes for a sure kill

A Good Haul – An objective that rewards Outcasts for being the wasteland scavengers they can be

Take Cover! – An objective that highlights the survival instincts of the Outcasts faction

Stalking Frontier Territory – Outcasts like to stay on the move, and this objective is a good way to benefit from it

Dragyri Cards


Save Our Masters! – An objective that gives an extra chance to score victories with the least glorious members of their society

Duel for Glory – Dragyri Trueborn are focused on glory in combat, and this objective gives extra points for trying to uphold that ideal on the battlefield

Aether Mastery – An objective revolving around using Dragyri foci psychogenic powers to control their environments

The Crystals Call – Dragyri have an intimate connection with the xenosathic crystals that permeate this world, and this objective lets them reap rewards from gathering them up

Skarrd Cards


Fear and Loathing – An objective that focuses on the Skarrd’s terrifying nature and their reputation as horrible cannibal mutant freaks

Savage Evolution – An objective about killing a foe with the brutal psychogenic powers available to some Skarrd

Feast of Flesh – Skarrd are cannibal warriors that prize the rush of slaughter, especially Buzzblades. This objective rewards a good, old fashioned feeding frenzy

Meat is Meat – An objective based upon the fact that Skarrd will often eat their own when they are killed, and they will not let their recently dead go to waste

Brood Cards


Unstable Evolutions – An objective that relies on the Brood to use their strange and magnificent powers granted to them by their lineage, even if it means some self-sacrifice

Knitting Flesh – The Brood are known for their ability to heal wounds, no matter how grievous. This objective rewards coming back from the edge of death

Dangerous Adaptations – An objective based upon using the Brood’s evolutionary gifts to kill their foes

Predator and Prey – An objective based upon the fact that Brood are still active members of Samarian fauna, and their big hungry monsters need to eat, too!

C.O.R.E. Cards


Error 405 – The machinery of the C.O.R.E. tends to wear down and malfunction quite often, and this objective soothes the sting of those breakdowns when too many happen at once

Collect Organic Matter – An objective about claiming the best part of a living foe killed on the battlefield and making use of it for the greater entropic cell of the C.O.R.E.

The Relentless Machine – There are a number of C.O.R.E. warriors that can withstand surprising levels of physical damage, and this objective is a reward for those that take the hits and just keep coming

The Central Code Adapts – An objective based around the C.O.R.E.’s warriors using their adaptability to kill their enemies

Kukulkani Cards


Technomantic Storage – An objective about pooling up the precious Bio-Energy resources the Kukulkani use for every aspect of their alien technology

Reap Them All – An objective focusing on taking the life energy of their enemies by force

For the Glory of Kukulkan! – An objective focusing on the Kukulkani giving up their own life energy for the good of the cause

Eternal Warriors – The unliving constructs of the Kukulkani technomancers can take a great deal of damage and still keep fighting; this objective heralds their success

Bounty Hunter Cards


For Love or ‘Gelt – An objective about a Bounty Hunter currently working for the force helping stop the enemy force from completing their goals and missions

Be a Team Player- Bounty Hunters are normally solo fighters; this objective rewards them for joining in a force’s group tactics

Earn Your Wage – An objective about a Bounty Hunter killing more than its worth in a single moment of glory

Crossfire! – An objective surrounding the Bounty Hunter as a gunslinger or an expert at throwing weapons, saving the life of a comrade at the last minute

There you have it! We can’t wait to see more people using these in their games, and we look forward to hearing your glorious tales about how they won or lost you the day!

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