The 1,000 Point Moffit Challenge! – Official 2017 Rules

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Since Dark Age began, there have been a few champions of the game that rose up from the ashes and climbed above the chaos to serve as demo volunteers, event coordinators, Playtesters, and even writers or editors of our game and its products. While they are Legion and they all bring new and awesome things to our community, none have gone – literally – so far out of their way to do so as David Moffit.


David is probably one of the only human beings that loves Dark Age more than its creators, and shows this by bringing thousands of points of painted miniatures with him on the road across the United States. On these journeys for his day job, he seeks out Dark Age players willing to go that extra mile to try and take on a veteran player such as he.

This is The 1,000 Point Moffit Challenge, and it is no joke.

Whether you use the Dark Age: Samaria Reborn Facebook page or contact David directly, players can try and connect schedules with Mister Moffit, try to participate in this time honored tradition, and maybe win some loot along the way!

The rules and benefits of the 1,000 Point Moffit Challenge are as follows:

– Challengers must have a 1,000 point legal Dark Age army, painted to a tabletop standard (at least 3 distinct colors on each model)
– Challengers must be willing to have themselves and their miniatures photographed by David before, during, and after the game
– The game’s Scenario is determined randomly at the time of the Challenge
– All Challengers receive a special, laser-cut token to commemorate the event; win, lose, or draw.
– Challengers that are victorious receive a prized Bludgelt!
– Challengers that are victorious also email [email protected] within 30 days of their victory being reported with a list of $60 worth of Dark Age product from the CMON webstore… this will be their additional prize!
– Challengers that are defeated by Moffit will have their names added to the Tome of the Defeated (or just a notebook that David has), and cannot Challenge again for at least 30 days.

moffit token

This is a very fun way to get in larger, more epic games of Dark Age, and we hope that many of you will start to try and get your hands on some ‘gelt, earn some free stuff, and give us all the more reasons to put The Moffit to the test!

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