The C.O.R.E. Update is Here!

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We are very excited to present to you the second of our “Web Updates”!

The C.O.R.E. have been a popular faction in Dark Age for some time now. Over the years of intensive gaming, we realized that although we really loved the feel of the “AI nodes” provided by the robots with Alpha Programming, there were situations where canny opponents could target all the Alpha priming models first, leaving the Gamma programming robots literally on auto-pilot – the player basically became a dice-rolling meat-sack. We delved into some other game mechanics to find the solution. Borrowing the idea from the St Isaac “Controller-Program” mechanic, all C.O.R.E. robots are now able to act independently on the tabletop, but those that are more drone-like gain program advantages if they squadlink with the “controllers”.

With this new mechanic decided on (and playtested extensively) we were ready to release the updates to the world, but with such a small faction, we didn’t want to wait until we had enough units to fill a lovely printed book.

Instead we’ve decided to provide an update to the cards (which we’ve done before), and give you all another of our new type of document, which we’re calling a Lore Document. This document provides you with the background of the faction, as well as descriptions of all of the units in the faction. We hope to start rolling these out for the rest of the factions over the coming year.


Please head on over to check out the cards for the C.O.R.E. – HERE


Please take a look through the C.O.R.E. Lore document – HERE


We have also updated the FACTION SPECIFIC Errata and FAQ document, this update covers changes for Brood, Dragyri, Forsaken, and Skarrd. you can find it HERE

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