The Dragyri Lost Characters, and a little extra.

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A few weeks back, we teased you a little with this photo, and Bryan Steele went on to talk about the return of the Earth Caste, alongside the return of Jza’mhi, the Fury Rekindled (that’s Jza’mhi on the right).

These two, very cool models will be released very soon – Friday May 12, to be exact – and we are very excited to see them take to the tabletop. When they are released we’ll be posting a Web Update introducing the Earth Caste to the current world of Dark Age. This update will have the cards for Jza’mhi (who is actually the former Arbiter of the Fire Caste, long thought dead, killed by Rath’zhi), and the rest of his Earth Caste friends, and a chunk of new background on the Earth Caste, their units, and the slow awakening they are undergoing.

But until that drops (amidst a lot of other great stuff) we though you might like to know more.


Jza’mhi, the Fury Rekindled, is actually the model created in conjunction with Jamie Wolff, winner of the 2016 Dark Age Immortals tournament. Bryan and Jamie worked together to create a brutal and somewhat unhinged powerhouse of a model, with a great story that leads to many interesting choices in your games. You can check out a teaser of his card below. I’m sure we’ll have more details for you very soon.

EarthCaste-Jzamhi WEBGhrakunArt

The other model included in the photo at the top of this post is Ghrakun, the Herald of Tenacity, the first of the Earth Caste to reach the surface after their long slumber. Again, we have a lot of details on Ghrakun’s background to come. We won’t spoil that for you, but we will let you know that Jza’mhi and Ghrakun will be available in a box together (The Dragyri Lost Characters box) for $40. Here’s a look at the front of his card, feel free to begin the speculation on the meaning of “Stoneskin”. We’ve also included two of the seven Earth Caste Psychogenics for you to take a look at. These will all be revealed very soon too.

EarthCaste-Ghrakun EarthCaste-Tremor EarthCaste-Ferrous WEBGhrakun_LEMini

And finally, we have this cool model. This is the Limited edition version of Ghrakun, depicting him as he may have appeared before he (and the rest of the Earth Caste) decided to remove themselves from Dragyri society all those many years ago. This Limited edition version will be available at conventions we are attending and potentially through various other promotional channels. He’ll be just $20.

So, stay tuned for more great news. This month we have not only the CMON Expo (featuring the 2017 Immortals tournament), and the first UK Nationals event (thanks, Gareth!), but we also have the release of the 2017 Master Rules book, the 2017 deck of Secondary Objective cards, the 2017-18 MTI document, AND these awesome new characters for your Dragyri collections!

We’re going to keep you busy!

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