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We are very excited this month, not only because we are releasing the mighty Goliath, swift Wails, and brutal Junkers, but because we are finally releasing the first 2-player starter set for Dark Age – Path To Glory!

If you would like to see a cool introductory video for the Path to Glory set, click HERE.

If you would like to see Bryan and Dave fight a battle report using the Path To Glory set, click HERE.

If you would like to see Bryan introduce out Dragyri releases, you can click HERE.

As usual for our release posts, if you click on the name of the item (found just below the photo), the link should take you through directly to our webstore. If your local store is interested in stocking Dark Age, please have them contact our sales guy, John Smith, ay [email protected]


DAG001 Dark Age: Path to Glory

On the edge of the galaxy, heartless corporations found they could exploit the laws of the United Worlds in order to mine precious resources, and conduct immoral research into things like psychogenics, artificial intelligence, and bio-engineering. When the UW collapsed, these corporations didn’t think twice about abandoning the planet. Five hundred years later, humanity has survived on the desolate planet. It is assailed on all sides by aliens, monstrous horrors, mutant cannibals, and even meat-fueled robots. Can the relatively high-tech forces led by Saint Isaac survive against the honor-bound and brutal forces of the alien Ice Caste Dragyri?

• Highly detailed plastic miniatures – these are the first Dark Age models to ever appear in plastic. The 450-points of Saint Isaac models are produced in burnt orange, while the 450-points of Dragyri Ice Caste models are produced in pale blue.
• THE best way to get started when it comes to Dark Age gaming – two starter forces, quick start rules, and exclusive scenario are all excellent starting points for understanding the game, and being ready for community and organized play.
• Even though this set will be the perfect place to started, the new models and great value for these plastics will also appeal to many veterans of the game.

5 Forsaken – Saint Isaac Sub-Faction models, 4 Dragyri Ice Caste models, their bases and Dark Age Unit Cards, a set of “quick start” rules for Dark Age, 6 twenty-sided dice, a set of punchboard terrain and templates, and an exclusive scenario designed for the contents of the box.


DAG2415   Shadow Caste Goliath (1) – $24.99

An enraged Goliath is a fearsome sight. Their spikes become engorged with bloddy ichor, protruding even further from their extremities, and squirting out a burning liquid in all directions. If this liquid gets in the eyes it causes agonizing blindness. Many foes have accidentally impaled themselves on the Goliath’s spikes, but their claws are far deadlier!

• Highly detailed resin miniature.
• The Goliath would be a feature model in a Dragyri Shadow Caste warband.
• The Goliath is a brutal beast that cannot only physically tear the enemy apart, it can also stop hearts with terror. The Goliath works best when supported by low- and mid-level troops who can finish off the enemies crippled by fear and blinded by the Goliath.

Blister pack contains: one (1) resin Shadow Caste Goliath model, one (1) 50mm base, and one Dark Age unit card.


DAG2221   Air Caste Wails (2) – $25


Novice Air Caste warriors who show no talent for using their elemental Focus are directed towards the Tempest and Death’s Device cadres. Those who show some psychogenic talent are guided into the Wails. Over time, those Wails who excel on the battlefield and can survive long enough might even be elevated to the deliberately small and elite Cyclone corps.

• Highly detailed resin miniatures.
• These Wails would be a mid-level trooper in a Dragyri Air Caste warband.
• The Wails are specialists at de-buffing enemy models, using their chain whip or psychogenic ability to strip away Action Points and other characteristics. They are best paired with other Air Caste Trueborn like Cyclones or Tempests.

Blister pack contains: two (2) Air Caste Wail models, two (2) 40mm bases, and one Dark Age unit card.

DAG1210_Junkers Resculpt


DAG1210   Forsaken Junkers (3) – $14.99


The forces of the Dragon Saint, Mark, are typically filled with many skilled women. Such is Mark’s charisma that these women become fanatical warriors ready to die in a heartbeat for their glorious leader. The Junkers are some of the most fanatical soldiers under his command and, despite their slender appearance, the Junkers are some of the most deadly.

• Highly detailed metal miniatures.
• These models would be mid-level troopers in a Forsaken Saint Mark warband.
• The Junkers are fanatical followers of Saint Mark, and are best placed on the front line. Make the most of their Berserk special ability by sending them in against low-level enemy troops.

Blister pack contains: three (3) Forsaken Junker models, three (3) 30mm bases, and one (1) Dark Age unit card.

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